445B Fernvale, 4-Room ​Singapore HDB Property Sold by PropertyLimBrothers

Hi there
Welcome to Fernvale, Sengkang, Today we are taking a look at a 4 room apartment
in Blk 445B. Come on in. Now i really love this entrance area. Take a look at the well designed foyer and
also all the show cabinet space that i have, my wife is going to love them, take a look.. Wow. Lots of storage space for your shoes. And lets take a look at the living room. Now the living room is spacious and well designed, my sellers have designed this place to feel homely and relaxing when they come home from work. Check out this feature wall behind me, its
made of marble dust! Come, lets take a look at the dining area. What i like about the dining area is that
it is cosy and yet cleverly done. Lots of storage space top and bottom behind
the dining room and I just love this table. But sorry it’s not included with the sale 🙂 Let’s check out the kitchen… Now checkout the kitchen, dual rows of kitchen
cabinets, so much storage, take a look at the condition of the table top, i can’t
believe that its 5 years, now that means that you can save lots on your renovation and just
bring in your luggage and move in, right away. Now lets get to the bedroom Now check out the space of this common bedroom,
well designed, dual built in wardrobe left and right. You can easily fit in a queen size bed here Now the floorings are all so well maintained and
all rooms comes with their own air condition Now the master bedrooms is huge and well renovated,
Take a look at all the wardrobe space that the owners have designed. There is a cosy little study table area at the back. And of course not to mentioned the window
area where you can seat and read a book and look at the clear blue sky Well we have come to the end of the home tour. If you like what you see today, give me a
call, i will be happy to show you the place

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