4 Most Extreme Haunted Houses

(scary voice) Let’s go
on a tour of the most (yelling) extreme haunted
houses in existence. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ (scary voice) Good Mythical Morning!
(evil laughing) (normal voice) You can see we’ve got our Halloween-themed
Good Mythical Morning mugs today. And surroundings. – Black and orange for Halloween!
– Don’t be scared. Been planning for this week
for a long time. – Don’t be scared to hang with us today.
– Okay. – This is going to be–
– You don’t want to be safe. This is going to be
a very scary week all week, because we are doing
a Halloween themed week here at Good Mythical Morning. No. Spiders did not come in
and take over the set– – But plastic ones did.
– But the moon did break through. – (funny voice) The moon.
– (funny voice) The moon is on my hair. – (normal voice) Okay, Rhett. Focus.
– (normal voice) So anyway, – (evil voice) Focus! (evil laughing)
– Back when I was a kid, haunted houses used to be things like the locker room at
Buies Creek Elementary School, and they would make
eyeballs out of grapes, – and it scared the pants off of Link.
– And I didn’t even go in. He wouldn’t even go in.
(childish voice) They got eyeballs made from grapes in there.
I’m not going in there, Rhett, but you can go in there
and tell me about it. (normal voice) That was pretty much what our relationship consisted of. – I’ll own that.
– But I tell you, in 2014, haunted houses – have gotten extreme…
– (echoes) Extreme! …and I really like haunted houses, but I can’t get anyone
to go with any with me, so I’m going to tell you about
the most extreme haunted houses I could find, and then maybe, Link, I could talk you in to going
to one of them with me. – I know you’re–
– You decide which one you want to go to. – I know you’re really into this,
so I’m glad for you. Let’s start with the Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Pataskala, Ohio. It’s called the Haunted Hoochie.
What that means is there are scantily clad
zombie ladies running around – giving birth to demon babies.
– What? Yeah, you can see a live demon baby birth. And you can experience– well, I don’t think you can experience it, but you can witness
the world’s scariest rectal exam. – It involves a very large drill.
– (Link) What? (stammers) Well, I said
it was going to be extreme. The world’s largest “reticle” exam? (laughing) No,
the scariest “reticle” exam. – (laughing) “Reticle.”
– Rectal exam. It’s a drill. They’re getting desperate
if they’re going to a proctologist. Well, it’s a demented proctologist. And I will say there are pictures
and videos that we may cut to to show some of these things.
But I will say that the way to make all of this unscary is
to look at the videos of it, because I’m sure it’s more scary in person than it is according to the videos. But don’t show me a video
of any sort of “reticle”– I cannot say “rectal.” (Southern accent) I don’t want
that “reticle” exam, now. Now, you better watch out
if you don’t try to get me… – That’s twisted, man.
– …on that “reticle” exam. And I give birth to a demon
or a zombie woman? (normal voice) A scantily clad
zombie woman does. Okay, that’s better than me doing it. I’m gonna go to some Yelp reviews – to help you make a decision about this.
– Oh, really? Keiana S. from Columbus, Ohio– she said, “There was easily 250 people in line, but we paid for VIP access
and skipped the way. However, if you choose general admission, there’s plenty of distractions
to entertain you while you wait, including people getting
tattoos in a booth located at the front of the line.”
So if you’re into tattoos while you’re waiting for
haunted houses, you’re in luck. – But that’s just the beginning.
– “Reticle” tattoos. If you’re not into “reticle”
exams and tattoos, (snickers) you might want to go to
(yelling) Freakling Bros. Gates of Hell – in Las Vegas, Nevada.
– Freakling Bros.? (announcer voice)
Freakling Bros. Gates of Hell! Is that their real last name? It’s part of The Trilogy of Terror, so I guess there’s other parts to this. But the Freakling Bros. Gates of Hell. You gotta sign a waiver to get in.
In advertising, they say, “The Gates of Hell is
a sadistic experiment in an absolute sensory overload.” So it’s this extreme maze.
There’s things like electric shock. There’s apparently some touching
that goes on behind the scenes, or actually it’s part of the experience. And if you want to go for the
completely uncensored experience, you can go to “The Victim Experience:
Gates of Hell: Uncensored.” There is an orientation and
safety class with refreshments. – (chuckles)
– Where you meet your fellow victims and you’re read your
last rites by Pope Satanus. – Satanus?
– Satanus. – Oh.
– You ready for this? Would you do that one? If you’re coming with me,
I’m going. Vegas, baby. Oh, so you’re scared. No. Well, I want you to go with me. You want to go with me
to The Gates of Hell? No. Nope. Would you go by yourself? Well, the uncensored part they say is “a twisted, masochistic,
and utterly hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker.” – Sounds great.
– Which sounds just like you! Yeah. That’s right up my alley. You got to be prepared
to experience various forms of psychological, emotional,
and sensory torture with zero retaliation.
So you can’t punch back when they shock you
with the electric shock. That is something that happens. The safe word is “purgatory,”
by the way. (laughs) If you say “purgatory” during
the experience, they let you out. – And this sounds fun to you, because–
– It sounds crazy! Because you know that
nothing bad is gonna happen, even though you’re convinced
something bad is gonna happen. Well, Marsh Allen S. said on Yelp that, “I have burns on my skin
from the attraction.” (laughter) Well, I hate to laugh at him, but JT, who spoke for the attraction and responded to the Yelp review
said, “Those are rug burns.” (laughter) – I’m not kidding. I’m not making this up.
– So he was like, “Yeah, we burned you…with a rug.” – Yeah, pretty much.
– That’s one scary rug. Okay, this one’s a little
closer to home, Link. – This is in Los Angeles.
– Okay. It’s called Blackout. You got to sign a waiver
to get into this one. It says you got to be
prepared for physical contact. You got to be prepared to get
blood and other fluids on you. Not real blood, I don’t– This is more about a sensory experience. You’re in black rooms
where you can’t see anything, but you can hear and you can feel things. People do things like
put bags over your head and they separate you from your group. You have to go alone. You cannot go in – and hold somebody else’s hand.
– How do they separate you – from your group if you’re alone?
– Well, you can be in a group, – but then they separate you.
– Loophole. Okay. – Apparently, there is a safe word.
– You know what I woke up – thinking this morning?
– What? Well, I’d love for someone
to throw a bag on my head – and separate me from my group.
– (crew laughs) – Who wants that?
– Hey, well, we can go! It’s in LA! (laughs hysterically)
I was being facetious. – Oh.
– Who pays for this type of stuff? There should be a psychiatrist
at the front of the line to say, “Listen, just give me your money
and let me help you, because why else
would you want to be here?” Don’t make a decision yet,
’cause I haven’t told you that people have reported being
urinated on in this particular– – On Yelp?
– (laughter) I mean, that’s just what
the people say. On Yelp– “I got burned by a rug and peed on.” Jill from Toms River,
New Jersey– she said, “Blackout is like Saw meets Hostel
meets I Spit on Your Grave. The intention of Blackout
is to make you wonder why anyone would
pay money to go through it. And yet, there are
so many of us dedicated fans.” That’s the whole point– putting yourself through
a horrible experience for fun. I have enough perspective
that my life’s good. – Okay, well–
– Life is good. – Here’s my last chance, Link.
– I don’t need to be peed on. Here’s my last chance.
I would like you to escort me to McKamey Manor in San Diego. It’s in San Diego! How can it be bad? It’s the most wonderful place on Earth. It is considered the most extreme
haunted house in the world. It’s 21 and up. They say that it can last
from four to seven hours. What? Your experience lasts
from four to seven hours. You better have an afternoon
or a night set aside. It’s open on the weekends all year round. We can go whenever you feel like it. It’s like, here’s the exit. Or for three more hours
of whatever you’re about to describe, – take a right.
– Listen, and here’s how you get in. Now, I will say the wait list
is 17,000-people long. – I’m gonna say that ’cause it’s true.
– Really? But the admission price is only
four cans or one bag of dog food. – (Link and crew laugh)
– Now, that’s great! – I like the sound of that.
– And once you’re in, you cannot leave. There is
no safe word. You cannot leave. And supposedly,
the 2014 version is so intense that it has made Marines weep. Marines. Those are people in the military
that are [inaudible]… – Underwater.
– …to be able to take stuff like this. And no one, no one has been able to make it through
the whole experience in 2014. But you know what? They ain’t seen the Rhettster
and the Linkter up in there yet. – Four to seven hours?
– Yeah. You can make it eight if you want. And you’re carrying a bag
of dog food the whole time? Oh no. You’d probably drop– It’s like there’ll be those
hidden pictures. They’ll be like– They’re, like, just cuddled up
to a bag of dog food. (shrill bird-like screams) Okay. I’m gonna seal the deal
for you and your dog food. Toby A. from La Mesa,
California, said on Yelp, “If you want to sign a waiver
then be beaten, waterboarded, put in a cage in a drowning pool,
and fed some awful nonfood, all while you are blindfolded
and have hearing protection on, then be my guest. Then after
you’ve almost drowned several times and asked the facilitators to stop, they continue on because
you signed the waiver. Know what you are
getting into here, folks.” All right. Let’s join the list. (crew chuckles) Go to the website. Add Rhettster
and Linkster to the list. What about you makes you want to do this? I don’t know, man! – But you want to do it.
– I know I would be scared and I know I’d cry and
I know I’d probably quit. But I want to do that,
because this makes a great story. You just want to relinquish– I mean, that takes
years off your life, man. – Some of this stuff…
– Okay. Depending on what they find
during the “reticle” exam. That “reticle” exam
might turn somethin’ up. Okay, let us know in the comments
if you’ve been to any of these. We want to know what the
Mythical Beasts’ perspective on this– not just the Yelp perspective.
The Mythical Beasts. Also, thanks for liking
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– Click through to Good Mythical More to hear Rhett talk about his son’s
Halloween haunted house story. “Rhett is a car salesman,
and Link is the car.” Okay, uh, I know
it might be a little unusual because he’s got hair–
it’s got hair. But it is a car. – And show ’em that noise.
– (sputtering like an engine) There it is. There’s the engine. There’s five stages of
transmissional emissions. There they are, right there. And we’ve got seven-stage
braking. Show ’em those. (high-pitched voice) Keek! Keek! – (suppressed laughter)
– Keek-keek-keek-keek-keek. – Yeah, get–
– (imitating revving) And there’s the acceleration again. – Anyway, we’re–
– (high-pitched screeching) – These things are just–
– (imitates crashing) driving themselves off the lot,
because they’re people. – It’s a person.
– (imitates explosions) –
– Oh. [Captioned by Hayleigh and Sebastian:
GMM Captioning Team]

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