4 Fundamental Choices That Helped Me 10x My Real Estate Investing This Year
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4 Fundamental Choices That Helped Me 10x My Real Estate Investing This Year

you know last year was a pretty slow
year for real estate investing for me I flip the house and i bought a primary
residence for myself but other than that I was so busy with a hundred other
things like managing the properties I already owned taking a road trip across
the US and writing a book on rental property investing that buying new
properties kind of pushed to the back of the line however this year I decided it was going
to be different so instead this year I’ve already purchased seven units i
flipped two houses i have four more units under contract to close soon and
we’re just two thirds of the way through the year and best of all these
properties are going to add on a hundred fifty thousand dollars to my net worth
and over two thousand dollars a month to my passive income so how did I 10x my
results this year compared to last well my name is Brandon Turner with
biggerpockets.com and today i want to share with you the four fundamental
changes that I made in my life that helped me 10x my real estate investing
this year stay tuned number one I chose to set big goals on
january first of this year my wife and I sat down at one of our favorite
restaurants that our annual review of our goals over gourmet burgers and fries we
discovered how we did on our previous year’s goals and what we wanted to get
out of the coming year and one of the specific goals that we made was to buy a
dozen units this year. Why 12? well I knew that 12 would be a stretch goal
especially with the 40 plus hours i was spending working on content for bigger
pockets our first baby doing a few months and the upheaval that that would cause
but i also thought that you know 12 is something I can achieve if I really put my
heart and soul into it but goal setting is fairly worthless if you don’t also
have a plan or strategy for how you’re going to achieve that goal it’s great that you want to be a
millionaire great they want to run a Grammy or go to the moon but if you don’t have
a plan to achieve it so what? So our conversation that New
Year’s Eve led us towards another fundamental change that helped me 10x my goals this year and that’s number two I chose to hire some help so
as you know I want to divide dozen units this year but i also know that this year
would likely be most crazy year of my life so far so I knew I needed help after putting out a call on facebook for
an assistant i found Tracy. While Tracy helps me with a variety of tasks my life
primarily she is my acquisitions manager in other words i placed her in charge of
finding real estate deals for us to buy Tracy came on board on february and
within seven days with no prior real estate experience she had our first
property under contract that was our first flip of the year so how for that
we need to go to step number three but before we get there I wanted to say this
a lot of you guys watching us right now are thinking I’m sure it’d be nice to
have an assistant but I can’t afford that and well maybe that might be true
however understand that assistance come in all different forms maybe you can hire someone full-time but
could you maybe higher family or friend to help you for a few hours a week or a
few hours a month or could you hire someone purely on commission so you only
need to pay them after they find a deal or maybe instead of an assistant you
find a partner who has a time to do it and you guys work together and split the
tasks the bottom line is this if you don’t
have if you don’t have time to do the work needed to achieve your goals you have
three options number-one abandon your goals number 2 create more time for yourself or
three get someone to help you which is what i did with my assistant Tracy now
let’s talk about how Tracy my assistant was so successful in getting that first
deal under contract and the subsequent ones since then number three I choose to
follow a daily process as i said earlier goals are mostly worthless unless you
have a plan for making them a reality i believe successful real estate investors
comes down to a few specific actions done over and over and over and over so
i simply taught the process to Tracy and she started doing these tasks everyday
so what are these tasks ok simply here’s the four things we need
to attract leads, we need to analyze those leads, we need to offer on those leads and
then we need to close the deals in other words i knew that if we wanted to buy
more properties we have to make more offers and if we wanted to make more
offers we have to analyze more deals and find
out how much we’re going to pay in that analysis and if we wanted to analyze
more deals we have to get more leads to come across our desk so that’s what
Tracy did everyday she works a few different lead sources come in such as
direct mail job for dollars scanning zillow and a few others to get
leads if you want to know more about the strategies we used be sure to check out
the video the five lead sources for my latest five deals by clicking this video
screen right here then we started analyzing deals every day to do this in
just a few minutes every day and to keep all these analysis as organized we use the
bigger pockets property analysis tools found at biggerpockets.com/analysis
here my assistant or i could run the numbers in under five minutes to get a
ballpark estimate of what we should offer then we’d offer on that of course
we experienced a lot of rejections but we also received some Yeses and those
made it all worth it and that my friends is the real estate funnel and if you
want to buy more deals you’ve got to make more offers you got to analyze more
deals and ultimately you need to get more leads so to 10x my investing this
year I simply made sure we were working this funnel every single day as part of
our process as long as we stick to the process the results will take care of
themselves and frankly they have and finally choice number four that i made
this year i chose accountability you know it’s one thing to make a goal and
have steps but it’s another thing entirely actually have motivation to continually
push forward on those goals and who’s gonna hold me accountable to what I
promised myself i’m going to do so to help with that I made a choice to form a
small mastermind group with some real estate friends that I met on bigger
pockets for twice monthly calls this mastermind group has been incredibly
powerful in my life in a few ways first of all the guys in the group or just
crushing of this year and it’s an inspiration to see their success and it
motivates me to keep up with them right secondly these guys are helping to
figure out tactical solutions to problems and bottlenecks that I’m facing
and third the call establishes every call we established one or two or three
specific cast that we are going to get done by next week or the next two weeks
and will encourage each other with that . encourage anybody who’s thinking about
growing their business find a mastermind group getting bigger pockets go in the
forums use the marketplace maybe and for form a group together now before we get out
of here Im gonna ask you a couple questions first of all what choices do you need to
make today to 10x your business this year as well my favorite speakers of all
time jim rohn said life doesn’t get better by
chance it gets better by change so what changes do you need to make and how are
you gonna make the next 12 months of your life the most impactful years
you’ve ever had what daily process you need to take what
bad habits you need to let go of what time you’re gonna set your alarm for
tomorrow morning what help do you need what do you need to cut out of your life
immediately who do you need to cut out you need to
spend more time with your choices determine your destiny and the good news
is you get to determine your choices so make today the day that you take a stand
and say no to mediocrity and yes to an incredible life now if you enjoy this
video and ask you do three super easy things for me number one put down your
cell phone when you’re with your family like a dinner come on it’s just rude I number to click the little thumbs up
sign on this video letting the internets know that this video rocks and number
three leave a comment below and let me know
what changes you are going to make in your life to 10x your results now let’s
get out of here again for biggerpockets.com my name is Brandon signing off


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