3 Ways For Realtors to Rank Higher on Google
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3 Ways For Realtors to Rank Higher on Google

– Ranking in Google is tough,
but we’re going to give you three tips in this video
to make it a lot easier. (mid tempo music) So whenever I talk with real
estate brokerages or agents, they always want to rank in Google for their city name plus
the words real estate. I hate to break it to you guys, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, they unfortunately have this first page on lockdown. This is because they put in 15 plus years in some cases, working
to get that first page ranking, it’s very, very hard to get. But there is opportunity
with longer tail keywords. Let me explain that. A long tail keyword is something
that somebody types in, that is several words long,
that doesn’t have a lot of competition, but it
has a lot of intent. So let’s say someone were to type in, best places to live in
Jacksonville, Florida Or what is it like to move to Los Angeles? If you can answer those
questions directly, you have a great chance of ranking on page number one when
people type in those terms. This is an opportunity to get more people to your website from search engines and start to build more
trust with your brand. Next we want to talk about title
tags and meta descriptions. Now have you ever typed
something into Google and you’ve seen two boxes of text? You’ve seen the title of the webpage and then a description underneath it. Those are called our
title tags our metatags. And, you can edit them. All you need to do is
log into your website, or if you don’t have access, contact your web developer, and
get them to show you how to change your title
and meta description. Once you get the hang of it once, it becomes really really
easy to replicate. So when you’re doing this and actually writing your title tags, think about what’s on that page. Say, it’s a page on Palm
Springs, California. The title tag might wanna
be, move to Palm Springs, California, then your brand name. You wanna make sure that the title tags are specific enough to
something that people might actually click. Two, the meta description,
what goes underneath, you wanna make sure this draws people in and entices them to click. So write a short
description about your page and why they should click the link above. The last thing you’re gonna want to do is head over to Google search console. This is Google’s free tool, it tells you how to improve your website. Let’s take a look. For those of you who’ve been around, or had websites and dabbled in SEO, you’ll known Google Search Console as Google Webmaster Tools. And you actually get to
Google Search Console from the same URL, google.com/webmaster. Once you get here, we’re gonna wanna sign in to our search console. So make sure you have
a Google Gmail account and it’ll let you sign right in. This can be intimidating,
there’s a lot of data here in the search console,
but don’t be intimidated, it is your best friend and will help your site rank higher in search. The first thing we want to do, coincidentally, is not in the new version of Search Console, it’s
in the old version. But, Google makes it easy
for you to get there. Just scroll down here and we’re gonna hit go to old version. Then, we’re gonna hit this little cog in the top right for our settings and head to site settings. We wanna set a preferred domain and why this is important
is because Google is out there and they have Google Bot, which is crawling all of the websites. And your www. version of your site and your non-www. version
of your site are actually two different websites in Google’s eyes. Now what I mean by that
is you see it here. You see www.cavesocial and
we see just cavesocial.com When you first come into Search Console, it’s going to be here, it’s
don’t set a preferred domain. We don’t wanna do that
because that will confuse the Google crawler and
actually hurt your chances of ranking, so pick one or the other, it doesn’t matter, for
us, we go with display URL simply as cavesocial.com. We also wanna hit this, let Google optimize for my site,
and we’re gonna hit save. Once this is done, the
next thing we’re gonna do, in Search Console, we’ll be
doing that in the new version. So we go up here and we
hit use new Search Console. We’re gonna see the data once again, but we’re gonna come over
to our left hand side, and we’re gonna click, mobile usability. Google is putting a big
emphasis on websites that are mobile friendly, that work well that doesn’t have bulky images or small buttons, easy
to navigate through. All of these things are very important. So when you click this mobile usability, Google’s gonna tell
you how you’re scoring. They’re also going to tell you any errors that might have come up when they called the mobile version of your site. So we want this to say
zero like we have here. And then you can go see what
else has been corrected. They give you all this information, if you have the errors, go through, it’s like a checklist,
either do them yourself or send them to your web developer and you wanna get this down to zero. These are the two ways that you can start with Google Search Console,
there’s a ton of data, a ton of tools, that are deep within here for more advanced SEOs
but start with these two and your website will
be in much better shape. We know there’s a ton of
SEO, but these three tips should get you well on your way
to ranking higher on Google. If you want more
marketing tips and videos, hit the subscribe button. Until next time guys, take care.

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