3 Top Tips When Buying  A Property In The UK
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3 Top Tips When Buying A Property In The UK

My name is Riz from R3 Mortgages and today
I am going to share with you my 3 top tips that you need to think about when you are
buying a property. Tip number 1 make sure you sort out your finances. Arrange your money
beforehand so you know what you are able to comfortably buy. Number 2 make sure you do
your research. Check on land registry and the various portals and see what properties
in an around that area are going for. Number 3 is consider a more comprehensive survey.
A lot of people think I have gone and had a look around the place and it looks OK it
is not going to fall down or anything like that. You are going to buying probably one
of the most expensive purchases of your life, engage a professional to make sure what you
are buying is sound. Once the keys are in your hands it becomes your problem if there
are any problems with the property

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