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Good morning bosses. How are you doing? I hope everybody’s fine I don’t know who you’re talking to but the market the real estate market here in South Florida is not cold It’s very hot as the weather today I have 4 showings To people call from Brazil to do investment construction investment one in Orlando the other one here so I think I think second half of the year is going to be pretty busy and that’s great because that’s the Speech that I gave yesterday I believe that in the next four years the economy is going to be strong, very strong And after that we are going to have a little recession that’s normal guys. That’s normal We have three percent of unemployment rate basically there’s no people to work and the companies are starting to raise the salaries of the people and that will cause inflation and the Federal Reserve is going to Rise the interest rates and that will slow the economy. That’s the normal process of Economy, but right now I have a few showings to do so I won’t show that of course because I need to preserve the clients the clients how do you say privacy the clients privacy and By the end of the day, I have the meeting of the business group that I am part of that I’m the president of and That’s it. I hope to catch you up later. Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m luxury real estate developer and agent i was born in Brazil where for 12 years, I worked as an investment manager. Since 2014, I’m building and selling luxury real estate here in South Florida So subscribe and follow my journey to build the most luxurious homes in the United States So after showing six apartments I I want to say two or three things why some realtors are not selling their listings number one lack of good quality pictures, man Sometimes people just don’t want to spend $200. What is $200 to put like good quality pictures That’s the first point of contact from the client. They’re going to your website, the MLS the RedFin or whatever and they are going to look at the pictures. So if your picture sucks They’re not even going to ask to show the apartment or the unit. So Open your pocket and expand $200 to nice pictures, number 2 f** lock boxes What the f** is lock boxes man lock boxes. Those don’t sell units and condos you need to show you need to sell you need to go there with a client and Tell them why they should buy your f** unit Do you think a lockbox going to say that a lockbox won’t say anything and number 3 lack off number 3 is lack of Feedback, you need to give feedback to your clients if they ask you questions if they ask you Information that they need to by the unit or your apartment or your house or your listing whatever you need to give feedback so today was a very short video because I’m pissed off about the lack of professionalism and commitment that some Salespeople make a Realtors put on their work Bottom line. We are going to need to look more units Because out of those seven 2 didn’t show up. So That sucks


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