3 MORE Real Estate Agent Positioning STRATEGIES to STAND OUT in the New Market | #TomFerryShow
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3 MORE Real Estate Agent Positioning STRATEGIES to STAND OUT in the New Market | #TomFerryShow

– You become the one that everyone else gets pissed off about, because
you’re disrupting everything. (upbeat dance music) – Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show, I am not Tom Ferry, I am Shaun Paarman, a video producer here at Tom Ferry. If you remember back to episode 202, Tom shared with you three strategies for how you can better position
yourself in this new market. Well today, I wanted to bring to you three more strategies that Tom shares, for you can help stand out
and better position yourself in the changing market for 2019 and 2020. So take a look, take some notes, and start implementing them today. Enjoy. – So let’s get to work. Not being motivational in
any way, shape, or form, how many of you are well planned,
your strategy’s in place, you know the tactics that you have to do to guarantee 2019, your best year ever? Who would like a dramatic
increase in people emailing, texting, calling, referring,
sending you business, and saying “we’ve done our
research, we’ve chosen you, “come on over, bring
a couple of contracts, “’cause I’ve got three
houses I wanna sell.” Who wants way more of those? (audience cheering)
‘Kay. I know why you’re
currently not getting it. And I’m just letting you know right now, saying you’re number one and
you have a lot of reviews is great in a 2018 environment,
in a 2020 environment it will simply will not be enough. Do you hear what I’m saying? You can remember things
you did in the past that set you apart, those
things have to shift again, and I’m gonna walk you through and give you detailed
examples and a framework for you to start thinking
about how you’re going to position yourself,
and then market yourself. So you can be the one
that has all the traffic, you can be the one that is the voice, you can be the one that gets
a bigger piece of the pie in your area, you become
the one that everyone else gets pissed off about, because
you’re disrupting everything. Number four, say it out loud. – [Audience] Tell the truth about moving. – ‘Kay, is there anybody besides me, that has moved five times
in the last four years? Five moves, in four years. Tell the truth about moving. Moving sucks. Have you been writing
offers over and over again and getting beat out over and over again? We’re not .com we’re
the mafia, hey hey hey, we’ll buy it for ya,
cash, ya owe us there. Then we’ll take your house,
and we’ll sell that, cash. Now we got ya!
(audience laughing) I mean it really is a mafia strategy, right or wrong guys? If you don’t understand the mafia, like, they’ll give you the money, I’ll give you the money any time. But now, another company’s doing this, we will buy the house
for you, and pay cash and allow you to move in,
and then we will fix up your property that you currently live in, and when we sell it, we’ll
split the margin with you. That’s becoming an attractive
offer, right or wrong? – [Woman] Yeah. – Am I trying to scare you, or am I trying to get you ahead of the curve? – [Audience] Ahead of the curve. – Ahead of the curve. Last two, offer more
services for the same fee. Offer more services for the same fee. Think about, selling a home sucks, right? What do you, hey guys, when
you’re at the kitchen table, and you’re going up against
someone else who’s really good, what is your, but wait, I have more, I also do, (imitates bell ringing). And it gets ’em every time. Maybe you say, I’ve got a
professional stager who da da da. I have this super cool photographer, who’s gonna come in and
video ba ba ba ba ba. All the shit you say that separates you at the kitchen table, why
isn’t that in your marketing? Why isn’t that in your positioning? Why aren’t you selling? The average agent does three things, they put it inside the
MLS, which automatically puts it on the websites,
they average three photos, and then they do an open house. We do, stack the cool, balalalalala and can you believe this? We do it all for the same
fee everybody else charges. Don’t say the amount. We do it for the same fee
everybody else charges, right? Stack the cool, offer
more for the same fee. Does that make sense? You guys got it? Last one, create a buzz
worthy story, right? Create a story brand. Now heads up, in our world today, if you create buzz, is there a pretty good chance
someone’s not gonna like it? – [Man] Yes. – I did a video on YouTube
from three years ago on the summit called,
There are Three Things you Should do With Your Money. Here’s what poor people do, here’s what people with some money do, and here’s what the wealthiest people do. It has like six million
views on my YouTube channel, and 25% of the comments
are from eggshells, as in no-face, no identity, no name, that say “this guy’s full of shit, “I’d never follow that
strategy, this is totally dumb”. And I used to just go on there and say, I’ll send you my balance
sheet if you send me yours, I’d really like to know your strategy. Which is how you go online and do this. (audience laughing) Right? And then my wife said to me, “baby, “just go meditate, chill out.” And then I had to remind
myself when you’re buzz worthy, you’re probably, could be
slightly controversial. If you ruffle some feathers, good. Good. Because, I’m gonna give
you guys a little hint, Remax ruffled feathers,
Zillow’s story with reviews. Do you remember like
seven, eight years ago? I’m like, you should
put reviews on Zillow, people are like, Zillow’s the
devil! (barking gibberish) Or worse, I would get this, “well what if somebody
writes a shitty review?” I’m like, maybe you should
stop doing a shitty job. And that, of course that
got me a lot of love. And I’m not gonna tell you all the brands, but you know I can go through
just about every brand in all of real estate
and mortgage right now, and they are all
struggling with one thing, and I happen to coach,
it’s really funny today, now 30 years in, a whole
bunch of my friends are now running all the biggest
companies in the country, and it’s super fun ’cause
I’m coaching a few of them, and I’m indirectly coaching a few of them, and guess what they’re
all trying to figure out? How in the world do we
tell our story better? – Thank you so much for watching. It was a little short
episode for you today, but I hope it brought you some value. Now, if you haven’t
been keeping up to date on the Tom Ferry Show episodes, be sure to check those out here. And also, be sure to
subscribe to our channel, it’s the best way to stay
up to date and informed on the new valuable content
that we put out each week. So thanks again for watching,
and as Tom always says, your strategy matters,
and your passion rules. See you next week.


  • Ginger Murray at RE/MAX First

    Thank you! Great reminder. Three truths. Wait….. 4 reminders. #4 Doing video (by having Shawn/Sean host)

  • Daryl Palmer

    TF… you've been an outside the box thinker and ahead of every curve since I've known you…. hmmmm how long has that been? Keep it up bro! dp

  • Don Harkins III

    Solid video and great message. I think a lot of agents are afraid of putting those extra things that set us apart at the kitchen table into their marketing because, they're afraid other agents will see it, steal it, and start doing it. That's not the case though. Most agents have their head in the sand, are stubborn, will criticize before they adapt, etc. Start telling the whole story about yourself!

  • AgentEDU

    Great tips Tom!
    Sometimes the things we may look over is VERY important. Also, being unique and standing out is also a good way to not only standout yourself but also have the buyer/seller feel unique too. 👍🏽 💯

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