3/28/18:  White House Press Briefing
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3/28/18: White House Press Briefing

Ms. Sanders:
Good afternoon. Sorry to interrupt that
live shot, Kristen. (Laughs.) As you’ve all
seen this morning, the President secured a
dramatically improved trade agreement with
the Republic of Korea, continuing to fulfill
one of his key campaign promises to the
American people. Since the United States-Korea
Free Trade Agreement, commonly
referred to as KORUS, went into effect in 2012, the U.S. trade deficit increased
by 70 percent from $6.3 billion to $10.7 billion. Through negotiations to
improve KORUS, the U.S. Trade Representative
has secured changes that will reduce the trade
deficit and ensure that KORUS is a good deal for the
prosperity and the security of the
American people. This is a big deal for the
American automotive industry. It’s a big deal for our
parts manufacturers. It’s a big deal for our
pharmaceutical companies. And ultimately, it’s a big
deal and a major win for American workers and
American businesses. Continuing on the economic
front, the fourth quarter GDP numbers were revised
up, to 2.9 percent. This reflected strong
consumer spending at the end of the year, and
increased investments from American businesses. According to Market Watch, “Hiring is strong, unemployment
is low, and recent tax cuts are putting more money
in people’s pockets. Accordingly, the U.S. is likely
to grow even faster this year than it did in 2017.” The Council of Economic
Advisers released a report today on the economic
benefits of expanded infrastructure investment,
estimating that the President’s plan would
deliver employment gains and increase GDP growth. With that in mind,
the President will be traveling tomorrow to
Richfield, Ohio to deliver remarks on his
infrastructure initiative before an audience
of local workers. The remarks will be at a
training site for members of the International Union
of Operating Engineers Local 18 — a diversified
trade union representing heavy-equipment operators,
mechanics, and surveyors in the construction industry,
and stationary engineers who work in
operations and maintenance in building and
industrial complexes. Following on the
success of tax reform, infrastructure is the next
piece of the President’s successful
economic agenda. These workers represent
the hardworking Americans across the country who
will participate in the rebuilding of our
nation’s infrastructure sparked from the President’s
vision, and it will definitely be worth tuning in to see the
President lay out that vision. And with that, I will
take your questions. Cecilia. The Press: Thanks, Sarah. Are pardons on the table
for anyone involved in the Russia probe? Ms. Sanders: Look, I would
refer you back to the statement from Ty Cobb in the report
that you’re asking about in which he said, “I’ve only been asked about
pardons by the press and have routinely responded
on the record that no pardons are under discussion or under
consideration at the White House.” The Press: So, can you say
unequivocally that no one here has discussed
pardons in this case? Ms. Sanders: I can say
that Ty Cobb is the person that would be most
directly involved in this, and he’s got a statement
on the record saying that there’s no discussion and
there’s no consideration of those at this time
at the White House. The Press: Is the White
House worried about what Michael Flynn or Paul
Manafort might tell Special Counsel
Robert Mueller? Ms. Sanders: Look, as
we’ve said pretty much every day since we got
here — because you guys have continued to ask about
this topic every single day — there was no collusion,
and we’re very confident in that, and look forward to this
process wrapping up. Zeke. The Press: Sarah, the
attorney for Stormy Daniels filed a motion to depose the
President of the United States. Do you have a response
from the White House — a reaction to that
deposition? Ms. Sanders: Nope. We have addressed this,
once again, extensively. And we have
nothing new to add. And for any new questions,
I would refer you to the President’s
personal counsel. The Press: If subpoenaed,
would the President sit for a deposition? Ms. Sanders: Again, I’m
not going to get into a hypothetical question,
and I would refer you to Michael Cohen
on that matter. The Press: And separately,
Sarah, just real quick. We haven’t seen much
of the President. He said last week he was going
to do a news conference, then ended
up not taking questions. He hasn’t held any
open press event — Ms. Sanders: He actually took
a couple questions at the end. The Press: Walking out,
but not sort of formal questions and didn’t address some other
topics in the news. Ms. Sanders: (Inaudible.) The Press: Why haven’t we seen
so much of the President? Will he commit to doing a
formal news conference? He hasn’t done one of
those in more than a year. Ms. Sanders: Look, the President
has got a major speech tomorrow. He’s been incredibly
active all week long. We’ve taken major actions
in trade negotiations, as well as expelling intel
officers from Russia out of the country this week. There have been a number
of major things that the President has taken action
on and been engaged on. And he’s giving a
major speech tomorrow. The Press: Too busy
to take questions? Ms. Sanders: I’m sorry? The Press: Is he too busy to
take questions from the press or — Ms. Sanders: Look, we take
questions from you guys every day in a number
of different formats. And right now, I’m
standing up here taking questions from you, which
I did yesterday, which Raj did on Monday, and the
President is speaking directly to the American
people tomorrow. Phil. The Press: Yeah, Sarah. The President has said that
Michael Flynn is a good man. He has also said that Paul
Manafort is a good man. And I’m wondering if the
President believes he has the right to use
the power of his office, the power to pardon, to protect
them from what he might see as unfair punishment
down the road. Does he believe
he has that right? Ms. Sanders: Look, I would
refer you back to Ty Cobb’s statement that
there is no discussion or considering of
that at this time. So, there would be no
reason for me to have had a conversation with the
President about that because that is not being
currently discussed at the White House. The Press: My question
wasn’t about that, though. It was whether he believes
he has the right to use the power of his office. Ms. Sanders: The President
has the authority to pardon individuals, but
you’re asking me about a specific case in which it
hasn’t been discussed, so I would not have brought
that up with him. Jon. The Press: Thanks
a lot, Sarah. It’s the President who has
the power of the pardon, not Ty Cobb. So, has the President — Ms. Sanders: Which is what
I just said to Phil. The Press: Well,
not exactly. You talked about Ty
Cobb’s statement. It’s the President who has
the power of the pardon. Has he considered, is he
considering, would he consider pardoning Paul
Manafort, Michael Flynn, or Rick Gates? Ms. Sanders: As I said, an
on-record statement from the President’s attorney
here at the White House on these matters has said,
there’s no discussion or consideration of this. The Press: On another
matter — the trade deal that you spoke about
at the very top of the briefing regarding the U.S.
and South Korea. As part of this new
trade deal, each U.S. carmaker would
be allowed to export 50,000 vehicles per year
to South Korea. It’s right now
capped at 25,000. But last year, if you just look
at most recent history, no U.S. automaker sold more
than 11,000 cars to South Korea. What makes you think that
demand is going to rise so dramatically as to
benefit the U.S. auto industry? Ms. Sanders: It also
impacts the parts component, which is a
major piece of this deal. We’re going to continue
working with auto manufacturers in this country. One of the other things
that we’ve seen is an increase in business
across the board and people actually making
things in America again due to deregulation,
due to the tax cuts. We expect business in
America to grow, and therefore the trade
component to grow, as well. The Press: But as for the
automakers, do you believe that the actual number
of vehicles sold will increase dramatically as a
result of this trade deal? Last year, 11,000. The new number is now —
you can sell up to 50,000 there. By next year, will we see
a dramatic increase in that number? Ms. Sanders: Look, this wasn’t
something that happened — the problem
wasn’t created overnight, but this is certainly
the steps in the right direction to help remove
the trade deficit that we have. And we’re very excited
about the progress that’s been made not just with
auto manufacturers but also in the agriculture
sector and pharmaceuticals as well. Francesca. The Press: Thank
you, Sarah. A report today on
President Trump and Amazon caused the company’s stock
to devalue, to tumble roughly $53 billion. Is the President, as that
report said, looking for ways to go after the
Internet retail giant? Ms. Sanders: Look, we have
no announcements and no specific policies or
actions that we’re currently pushing forward
or considering taking. The Press: I’m not looking for
an announcement, specifically. But has the President been
looking for ways to go after Amazon? Treasury Secretary Steve
Mnuchin has said that the White House does favor an
Internet sales tax, and that’s something that you
guys would be looking at. So is that something that
the President is pushing for, even behind
closed doors? Ms. Sanders: Look, the
President has said many times before he’s always
looking to create a level playing field for all
businesses, and this is no different. And he’s going to always
look at different ways, but there aren’t any
specific policies on the table at this time. The Press: And one
more question, sorry. On Kim Jong-un’s visit to China, when was the White House
made aware of that trip? Ms. Sanders: The
ambassador from China came to the White House
yesterday and briefed members of the national
security team, who then briefed the President. April. The Press: Sarah, Alton Sterling,
the charges against the police officers — Ms. Sanders: I’m sorry, can you
speak up a little bit? The Press: There were no
charges against the police officers in the Alton
Sterling police shooting. What does the President
have to say about that, particularly as he is
a strong supporter of police? And then you have the issue,
in the midst of that issue that happened,
a fatal shooting of a young man in California
behind his grandmother’s house with a cellphone? Ms. Sanders: Certainly,
a terrible incident. This is something that is
a local matter, and that’s something that we
feel should be left up to the local authorities at
this point in time. The Press: What does
he feel about that? He was strongly
behind police. He supports police, as
much as America does, but wants to weed
out bad policing. What does he say about
weeding out bad policing when you continue to see
these kinds of situations occur over and over again? Ms. Sanders: Certainly, we
want to make sure that all law enforcement is carrying
out the letter of the law. The President is very
supportive of law enforcement. But at the same time, in
these specific cases and these specific instances,
those will be left up to local authorities to make
that determination, and not something for the
federal government to weigh into. The Press: And there’s one
more large case that’s — Ms. Sanders: Sorry, I’m
going to keep going, April. The Press: Wait a minute,
there one more large case that is still lingering. Ms. Sanders: Sorry, I’m — The Press: Eric Garner,
that cried out 11 times, “I can’t breathe.” His mother is still
looking for something — an indictment of the
police officers in New York. Does the President — has
he asked them what’s the status, if something
is going to happen? What? Ms. Sanders: I’m not aware
of any specific action. Once again, these will be
local matters that should be left up to the
local authority. Kevin. Thanks, Sarah. Just a quick —
thanks, Sarah. Quick on one North Korea
and then maybe a fast follow on the census. On North Korea, how would
you characterize the administration’s mood
after the meeting in China between Kim Jong-un and
President Xi Jinping? And I’m asking because,
on the one hand, the President’s tweets
almost sound optimistic. But at the same time, if
we look back historically when Madeleine Albright
went over there, the North Koreans were sort of
cheating the whole way through. So, I would imagine
there’s also some skepticism. How would you describe the
White House’s sensibility right now? Ms. Sanders: Certainly, we’re
going to be cautiously optimistic, but we feel things are moving in the right direction and
that the meeting yesterday was a good indication that
the maximum pressure campaign has been working. You saw him leave for the
first time to — since becoming the leader of
North Korea — leaving his country for the
first time for that meeting. And we consider that to be
a positive sign that the maximum pressure campaign
is continuing to work. And we’re going to
continue moving forward in this process in hopes for
a meeting down the road. The Press: By the end
of May, by the way? We were talking about May. Is that still sort
of the goal, right? Ms. Sanders: Certainly, we
would like to see this. Obviously, this is
something of global importance and we want to
make sure that it’s done as soon as we can, but we
also want to make sure it’s done properly. And we’re working
towards that goal. As we’ve said before, the
North Koreans have made that offer and we’ve accepted,
and we’re moving forward in that process. The Press: And on the census,
I was going to ask about U.S. Code Title 13, 221. It effectively says that
you can be fined if you don’t answer the
census truthfully. Now no one has been fined,
you know, dating back to 1970. Would the White House
support the idea of finding individuals that
don’t answer these censuses, or fail to
answer it honestly? Ms. Sanders: Look, the
goal is to have data that we can use for
specific things. And we think that having
accurate data is important. I’m not aware of a mass campaign
to start fining individuals, but we
certainly want people to follow the law and we want
them — whether it’s the census or anything else,
people should follow the law, and the law
should be enforced. Kristen. The Press: Thank you. Ty Cobb’s statement deals
with the President. So, I want to just ask
you, very specifically, did the President direct
John Dowd to talk to the attorneys of
Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn about potential pardons? Ms. Sanders: I’m not aware
of any conversations of that nature at all. The Press: Did the
President have a reaction to these revelations
in the New York Times? Ms. Sanders: Again, I — The Press: Did you ask him? Did you ask him
specifically? Ms. Sanders: I did not talk
to him about it specifically, but, again, I’ve been in
a number of conversations; it’s never come up. And Ty Cobb, who would be
the lead representative for the White House on
these matters, has also gone on the record to
discuss and declare that these conversations
haven’t taken place. The Press: And let me just
follow up with April quickly, if I could. You said these
are local issues. And with respect, this
seems to be an issue that the entire country
is grappling with. These tensions between
communities of color and police departments, does
the President not need to show leadership
on this issue? Ms. Sanders: Look, we
certainly — when the President has talked
about a number of issues, we want to find ways to bring
the country together; certainly not looking for
any place of division. I think you’ve seen that
in the policies that he’s put forward. He wants to grow
the economy. He wants to do
that for everybody. He wants a better America
for every American and that’s been a repeated
thing out of this White House. But when it comes to the
authority to — on the rulings that have taken
place in the last few days, those are things
that have to be done at a local level and they’re
not federal decisions at this point in time. The Press: But, Sarah, a
lot of African American moms all across the
country feel as though their sons are dying. So, doesn’t the President
feel like he needs to do something about that? Ms. Sanders: I think we should
do every single thing we can, every single day, to protect
the people of this country. I think the President —
whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, male or
female, rich or poor — we look for ways to protect
the individuals in this country, particularly
children. That’s why you’ve seen the
President take an active role over the last several
months in school safety and looking at ways — we want
to do that across the board. Whether a kid is in a
school, whether they’re at home, no matter where they
are in this country, kids should feel safe. And that’s why this
President has focused on safety and security as a
big part of the priorities of this administration, both
through securing our borders and stopping the
flow of drugs, stopping the flow of gangs,
stopping the number of school shootings by the
STOP School Violence Act, the background system. I’m not saying it’s perfect, and until every child is safe,
we can always do more. And we’re going to show up
every day for work trying to do exactly that. Peter. The Press: Sarah, this
is not (inaudible). This has been happening
for hundreds of years though. This is a national issue. The Press: Sarah, a
federal judge in Maryland has refused to throw out the — Ms. Sanders: I’m sorry,
I couldn’t hear the first part of your question. The Press: A federal judge
in Maryland has refused to throw out a emoluments
claim against the President, saying that,
Washington and Maryland have the right to sue
— standing to sue. Wondering if the White House
might have some comment on that. Ms. Sanders: I can’t
comment on ongoing litigation. We’ll have to keep
you posted on that. Steven. The Press: Quick one on
North Korea, and then, if I might, on
something else. You told us last night of
a personal message that Xi Jinping had for
President Trump. What was in that message? Ms. Sanders: Again, it
was a personal message. We feel like we’ve made
significant progress and we’re going to continue
moving forward in this process. I don’t have anything to
add at this point beyond that. The Press: A quick
question on Stormy Daniels and the lawsuit that was
offered overnight — or the motion that
was made overnight. You’ve said that you’ve
addressed these issues extensively — you said in
response to Zeke today — but you haven’t answered
the subset question about whether the President was
aware of the $130,000 payment that was made
under an agreement in which he is explicitly named
to keep Stormy Daniels silent. Can you answer
that question? You were asked three weeks
ago today and said you weren’t aware. Are you aware now? Ms. Sanders: Look, the President
has denied the allegations. We’ve spoken about this
issue extensively. And I don’t have anything
else to add beyond that. Anything beyond that, I would
refer you to the outside counsel. Toluse. The Press: Thank
you, Sarah. Two questions on big tech,
following up on Francesca’s question
about Amazon. The report earlier this
morning said that the President is “obsessed”
with Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos. Have you ever heard the
President talk about Amazon? And are they currently competing
on a level playing field right now? Ms. Sanders: I’ve heard
the President talk repeatedly about making
business practices in this country level for
everyone across the board. I’ve heard him talk about
it privately and publicly, and I know it’s something
that he wants to see happen. Beyond that, I don’t
have anything for you. Richard. The Press: Thank
you, Sarah. I have two questions
on immigration. First one: Is the President
concerned that his immigration policies
have kept away from the U.S. high-tech workers, special
workers that instead would go to Canada, for instance? Ms. Sanders: I’m sorry,
I’m not sure I follow. The Press: Is the
President concerned that his immigration policies
have kept away from the U.S. specialized workers,
high-tech workers, that prefer to go
somewhere else? Ms. Sanders: Not at all. But the President is
concerned that we aren’t doing enough to create a
strong workforce here, which is why he has put a
big emphasis on workforce development. It’s something Ivanka Trump
has been directly engaged in, and the Office
of American Innovation have played a big role in
pushing for very strong policy shifts to improving
the workforce development of people in this country
so that we have a lot more skilled workers to fill
some of those high-tech jobs that you
have mentioned. The Press: And Mitt Romney, as
you know, a Senate candidate in Utah, just said that he’s
more hardliner on immigration than the President because he’s opposed, for
instance, to citizenship for DREAMers. Would the President sign
a bill that would give citizenship to DREAMers? Ms. Sanders: Look, we’ve
put out a number of solutions to fix
the DACA problem. Democrats have shown their
unwillingness to do so, and that they want to
use DACA recipients as political pawns instead
of actually fixing the problem. We’d love to come up with
a long-term solution. If Democrats decide to
show up for work and be part of that process,
we’d love to do that. I’m going to take
one last question. Trey. The Press: Thanks, Sarah. Two quick
questions for you. On sanctuary cities —
following the President’s tweets today — is he
encouraging other cities or counties to join this
larger DOJ lawsuit against the state of California? Ms. Sanders: Look, the
President is encouraging people to follow
federal law. There’s a reason that we
have laws in this country, and he expects that
individual cities and states should follow
the federal law. The Press: And if I
could ask you about the President’s former
lawyer, John Dowd. Are there any actions that
Mr. Dowd took while he was serving the President
that President Trump was uncomfortable with? Ms. Sanders: I’m sorry? The Press: Were there any
actions that John Dowd, the President’s former attorney, took while he was
serving President Trump that President Trump
was uncomfortable with? Ms. Sanders: Not
that I’m aware of. No, I’m not aware of
any specific actions. Thanks so much, guys. Have a great
rest of the week.


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    I would not keep answering the same stupid questions. I would say the press conference is over and I would do it everyday until these libtards start to ask relevant questions. This lady certainly has more patience than I.

  • MaryCR

    I think Sarah Sanders is a truly beautiful lady with a stunning smile-brilliant and USA is fortunate to have her!` California loves her!~


    My grandfather Friedrich Trump was a pimp and opium dealer up in the Yukon. He was also a draft dodger and tax cheat who was deported from Germany. My father Fred Trump was once arrested in a KKK riot. Those are my role models. Them and the mafia lawyer Roy Cohn. He was my lawyer when I was sued by the US government for not renting to blacks.

  • siargaosdn

    These dullards' most creative work is in asking a question about some perceived President Trump weak point about seven different ways, passing the baton from one to another just like the athletics relay team. Old, fat and black racist sheila in the middle of the classroom makes her routine, typical racist baiting question (together with a Martin Luther King speech) which never gets anywhere. How much does she get paid to do the same thing every second day with such rare positive results (from her perspective)?

  • Anne Frank

    Great Job Sarah. You represent our beloved President Trump and our country very well. Also on a personal note, you are always so elegantly dressed and coiffed. Im sure many women would love to know your favorite clothing designers and more about your personal style . So pretty, you really shine while giving a well placed response! xo

  • Chuck Longino


  • Ronald Vaughn

    These Briefings are bogus, the same people over and over are called on, and they are allowed to ask multiple questions which are orcahstrated.

  • M. Peres

    How many idiots at the FBI did the kenyan guy pardoned during his corrupted administration when the "fast and furious" case was exposed? You hypocrite POS media….#TrumpPence2020

  • Cool Man


  • Andie Isabella

    Somehow, i am watching this and EVERYTHING suggested is for this channel. Thank you net neutrality! I miss the good ole days……

  • pusserswar

    obama pardon how many traitors and criminals! get a life you reporters, no one is reading or listening, just look at your ratings and sales. You are all slow on the up take.

  • filmtajm35

    Any good ideas how to handle the schmucks to press corp?
    Get Involved!

    Write a letter to the President

    Call the President

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    Comments: 202-456-6213
    Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

    Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

    If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to get your message to President Trump.
    If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. If you hand-write your letter, please consider using pen and writing as neatly as possible.
    Please include your return address on your letter as well as your envelope. If you have an email address, please consider including that as well.
    And finally, be sure to include the full address of the White House to make sure your message gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

  • Ambrecaine

    why does'nt the media tell this bitch she is lying instead of prolonging WH garbage, thats why they are called fake news…stupid..

  • MrDadio Dude

    Reporters are in collusion. Controlled by one individual, paid for by the CIA. All hate Trump. Break up ownership of MSM. Dissolve CIA.

  • K Fitz

    DACA is truly unconstitutional.  If they want to become Americans then there is a system they can become citizens….

  • Brett Clark

    To all the PUPPETS in the MSM, If you can't ask serious questions GTFO!!!!! The one thing I LOVE about the Liberal LOONS is that they've been digging their political graves for awhile now, & I LOVE It. They're so out of touch with reality/ the American ppl it's going to do nothing but HELP us … They Focus on the weird, not the majority. You might think Republicans are Dumb & they're uninformed BUT that's were we make our move…..

  • Grady Martin

    Why waste your time…the press idiots will never ask any revelant questions they are all idiots….Fuck them all…..

  • Камиль Хабибуллов

    Во Имя БОГА, Любимого.
    Хвала БОГУ на этом свете, и Хвала ЕМУ в
    мире конечном. БОГ один, ровнять ЕМУ
    кого либо явное кощунство. Наш прадед
    Пророк Ной, призывал свой народ на путь
    истинный. Вспомните их кару за непокорность
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