24 hour overnight HOUSE SWAP!! IN A MANSION!
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24 hour overnight HOUSE SWAP!! IN A MANSION!

– [Rachel Bennett] We are house swapping! – Don’t mess up my room. – Nobody is touching my Legos. – We’ll see about that. – I love you, Bye! – I love you. (Everyone gasping in awe) (upbeat music playing) – Good Morning, TOA Squad!
And we are so excited because our house is clean! Our house is awesome! And if you haven’t seen the house tour, go and check that out
because it’s amazing. But guess what? I think that we need to
do another room swap. But guess what everybody? It’s not going to be rooms. We are house swapping. – Yeah! I say we go to a mansion. – [Rachel] Should we
house swap with a mansion? – [Everyone] Yeah! – We’re gonna go kick
them out of their house. And make them live in ours. And I hope they don’t make any big messes, but we’re going to live in their house. – [Rykel Bennett] We’re
gonna raid their pantry! (Rachel gasps) – [Jase Bennett] I’m already leaving. – Yeah, I’m going. – Let’s go! – All right, we found
these like crazy people, there’s like a lot of them. Those people. That’s not even all of
them. And then there’s us. And we are gonna trade houses,
you guys, for 24 hours. And we’re going to live in their house. And they’re gonna live in our house. So you’re gonna have to go
and check out their channel. Wait. What’s your guys’ channel called? (indistinct yelling) If you don’t speak kid, that
was ‘Not Enough Nelsons’. We are going to trade places, so if you want to see
what they did in our house you’re going to have to
go over to their channel and I’ll link them down
below to see what they did. And you better make sure that
they don’t mess up our room. This is it. We’re gonna
swap now. Who’s ready? – I’m not ready. – [Rachel] Are you ready? Let’s do this. – One of them’s mad dogging me pretty bad. – [ Rachel] Okay, let’s go. (tense music plays) – Don’t mess up my room. – Nobody’s touching my Legos. – We’ll see about that. – (crying) You gotta try on my new shirt. It’s pink, it’s really cute. – (crying) You gotta try my
new shoes, you’ll love them. – Thank you! I love you, bye! – I love you! (gasps in awe) – We’re going in, this is amazing. (door opens, children gasp in awe) – [Rachel] Wow, it’s like so
– look at all that, it’s huge! – Those are like, elf stockings. – [Rachel] This looks like the kitchen. – [Jase] It does take three tables to seat a family this size. You can’t do just one huge
one, it takes three big ones. – [Rachel] This looks to be
the living room, hang out zone. Holy cow! – [Jase] Look at this! I
can run around the table. (Jase screaming) (Cora screaming) – Who want’s to try upstairs? – (children in unison) Me! – Let’s go! (excited screaming) – [Rachel] Did we lose Dad? – Mom, look at this, there’s
so many flights of stairs! – [Rachel] Oh my gosh,
there’s another one. Look at that. – [Jase] I’m coming! – [Rachel] Okay, where do we go? – Mommy, I think I found your bedroom. – [Rachel] Oh, Klai is going up! – [Rachel] Oh, there’s the Master. – [Jase] Whoa. And they
lived happily ever after. – [Rachel] Oh wow! Are you
going into Luke’s room? – This is Luke’s room. – [Rachel] Oh, look at all the babies! This is definitely where
we’re sleeping tonight. Is this your room?
Whoa, I almost got lost. – I’m up here, Mommy! This is my room! – [Rachel] Is that where you’re
gonna sleep, is up there? – [Cora] There’s room on the couch bed. – It is totally cool. – [Rachel] Oh wow! – Whoa, so many flights
of stairs, it’s amazing! – [Rykel] Whoa, there’s three bedrooms. – [Klai] I call that one! – [Rykel] Fine, I call
the one at the very end. – (gasps) Oh, look at this! (singing) Oh my gosh. Oh it’s so fluffy. I could live here forever. – [Rachel] Where are you
going to sleep Rykel? – Oh, I need to show you
my room. It’s so pretty! Weeee! – Okay, oh my goodness,
this house is amazing. We love the Nelsons, they are
super kind and humble people. Um, they just have a lot of kids, so they need a bigger
house. And look at this! Look at their movie room! Awesome! – Okay, Mom, I think it’s
time to raid their pantry. I’m starving. – That’s right, it is
lunchtime. Let’s do this Rykel. – [Rykel] (yelling) Guys! Lunchtime! – What? – Yeah! – [Klai] I’m coming! – Me too! – You can open the door, very cool. (gasping) – [Wyatt] Whoa, I want to try it! – [Rachel] They’ve got pizza.
There’s pickles in here. – Found the pickles. – [Rachel] Let’s get a pickle. – They have like four
gallons of chocolate milk. – [Rachel] Let’s get chocolate milk. – Okay, while they are eating food, I’m going to go up
three flights of stairs. Her room smells so amazing. I’m just going to live here forever. We are going to try on clothes now. What should I try on first? Oh, I’ve got an idea! I’m going to close my eyes
and just pick out a shirt and then pick out a pair of pants. (yelling in the background) (excited music) Hm, now a pair of paints. Hm, let’s try this outfit on. I think it worked pretty well actually, I might just go home in this. – [Jase] Whoa! Holy cow, like fences and I have to come up a ladder? They have a gym in their room? Here I am, this is pretty cool! Chain link, basketball, come in here, oh there’s the boys gaming room. So cool. Where are you going? – Oh, my room. – [Jase] Where’s your room? – Um, down here. – [Jase] What? – One…ten…Or you’re not Come on dude! Get it going! No, don’t cheat. Ready, set, go! Two! Go! – One, two. – No touching the wall
cheater, or I’ll tickle you! – [Shae Bennett] Tickle him!! – Daddy, watch, watch, watch. – [Jase] Whoa, where’d you come from? (children laughing) Where did you come from? Where did you come from? Get her, Cora, catch her! What’s in there? Is
that like a hair salon? Oh my goodness, there’s
a hair salon in here. What is in this door? What’s up Ryk? Rykel’s asleep. Holy cow, this room is all
sorts of Marilyn and Audrey. I’m gonna find something different. I worked out already. Fine, come on, fine. Ready, set, go! One! All the way! One more! And you’ll beat the boys! (screaming) Come on, Rykel! – [Rykel] Two! – [Jase] Oh snap, Shae. – I was gonna help her up. – It is time, to do a full face of makeup. My face looks (pauses) real great. I am going to do a full face of makeup, except for my mascara, because
it took hours to do this. So, let’s get started. It’s not just Naked, it’s Naked 3! Let’s do some eyeshadow. Gotta do this nicely. (gasping) What? I don’t have a makeup brush,
so we’re gonna use my fingers. Wow, I’m fantastic at this. This is actually looking pretty snazzy. Now, we’re gonna use lip gloss. Gotta make sure my lips aren’t wet. Now for the top lips,
we’re gonna use this one. ELF Lipstain. I’m not sure if this is working. So, there’s my full face of makeup. (kissing noise) I hope you guys liked it. Now, let’s go do some other fun things! – [Rachel] I’m hungry,
let’s go find dinner. – [children Yelling In Unison] Go go go! – You know what the Nelson’s need? They need my dinner bell. Right? We need some pizza. – I know what I’m eating. – [Rachel] Oh, let’s pull out the pizza! Oh corn! – I’m making corn. – [Rachel] Pull out some pizza, guys! – Pizza! (grunting noises) (reaching and whining) – [Jase] Do you need help sister? – Yeah – [Jase] Ready,
set…(imitates rocket sound) – Can you guess what’s in this drawer? – Um, a kitten? – Before we open it, can you promise me I get
one of these drawers? Just say yes. – Oh, in the drawer,
I’m not gonna say yes. I’m so freaked out some
spider’s gonna jump out at me. What the condiments? – [Rachel] This is like awesome. – [Jase] I am not in the
mood to wash my utensil. So I am going to use the
utensil that God gave me. It’s very productive. It’s like a knife, spoon,
and a fork all together. (piano playing off key) – Okay, before bedtime we are
gonna get some wiggles out. So we are going to race from
the bottom, which is here, all the way to the top floor. Okay, and I’m going to call
out from youngest to oldest who gets to go first. Here we go. Get set… Corie, Evee, Wyatt, Shae, Rykel, Dad. (giggling) – [Jase] Oh, c’mon Cora! – [Wyatt] Oh, I won! – [Rykel] Second place! – Ohh, I’m sliding down the stairs. Catch me, Wyatt! (Wyatt groans) – [Rachel] Okay, get all
snuggled in there, okay? – That’s (unintelligible) house? – [Rachel] Say goodnight Elf! – Goodnight Elf! – Let’s just go to bed. – [Klai] Yeah, seriously, where are you going to sleep again? – [Rykel] I’m going to
sleep in Rory’s room. – [Klai] Sounds good. I’m going to come in this room, obviously. Oh, wrong light. But you know what you guys? Janie’s bed isn’t exactly, like it’s so nice and so well done. I can’t just ruin it. So, I think I am going to
take this blanket right here and I am just going to sleep right here on the very edge of the bed. So, goodnight guys. – Goodnight – [Rachel] Hey goodnight! – Goodnight! – Okay you guys, this was pretty awesome. We played some fun
games, but I am so tired. I feel bad sleeping on their bed, so we’re gonna sleep on
this little sleigh things. Goodnight honey. – Huh? – [Rachel] I want to hold your hand. – [Jase] Okay. – [Rachel] Okay, Goodnight! – [Jase] Across the divide. – [Jase] (yawning) Um,
you’re gonna fall out. (Rachel yells)(Jase laughs) – I wasn’t awake, but now I am. – [Rachel] I wanted to cuddle with you. (Jase laughs) – [Jase] The great divide. That is my moat. So, you guys, come on. Look at this. Looking out at the sunrise. Here it comes. Or this foot rise, the rising foot. – [Rachel] I can get up. – We fell asleep here on these talking. (Jase yawns) Oh my gosh. Okay, who just yawned when I did, but you’re watching this
in the middle of the day? Comment down below if that made you yawn, cause that’s pretty funny! Okay Mom, let’s go get the kids, we have a big day today. – (mumbling) Okay, I’m ready to go. – Honey! – [Rachel] How come we didn’t
sleep on that last night? – This is where we are sleeping next time! Fire place, yes! (dog barks in background) – [Rachel] That’s amazing! Wyatt, come on! Time for
breakfast buddy! Come on! Okay, all right, well. Are they in here? No that’s a closet. Hello? (knocks) Girls! Boys! Oh, did you workout all night? – (sighs) Yeah. – [Rachel] You’re crazy. – I want to lift these weights. – [Rachel] Okay, c’mon, c’mon! (yells) Breakfast! Uh oh! Cora, c’mon get out of bed. Oh, oh my. Are you up there, Evee? – [Evee] What? – [Rachel] Okay, get out
of bed! Let’s go! (coughs) Let’s rise and shine, go! Oh my gosh, I have got to get home. I love their house, but I am so tired. Okay. Guys! Klai! Klai! Oh she left the light on all night? Oh, you got like the fancy bed. Klai! Oh look how soft. Oh my goodness, that’s so soft. – What? – [Rachel] Okay, breakfast, let’s go! – Ow! – When I don’t get a good
night’s sleep, Mama ain’t happy. And when Mama ain’t
happy, ain’t nobody happy. – [Rachel] Oh my gosh, there’s Rykel! (yells) Rykel! Did you sleep down here? You didn’t sleep on anyone’s bed? C’mon! Breakfast! – I don’t care, I gotta get some food. – [Wyatt] Mom! – [Rachel] Did you pull
out food for me boys? – [Shae] It’s the most
coolest drawer in the world! It’s a single Pringle and guess what? He is so ready to mingle! – [Rachel] (laughs)
That was pretty awesome. Okay let’s get some food. You’re supposed to be
getting breakfast ready! – Can I just go home and get granola? – [Rachel] Ugh, should we do that? Should we not eat breakfast? – [Shae] We have to go a whole 24 hours! – [Jase] We are. – I went on, like, Lily’s
bed and then I fell off so I didn’t want to sleep there anymore. Then I went onto Sadie’s
bed and I fell off. I didn’t want to sleep there anymore. I went on Mavie’s bed, I fell off so I came onto the ground. – [Jase] Where is my breakfast? – [Klai] Let’s go home. – We are going to clean
up this house really fast. – All right you guys, I have
got breakfast for everyone. Go right there and I will
give you each your breakfast. Ready. Set. (yells) Squishies! (yelling) Who wants some- (Jase groans) Squishy fight! (kids yell) Who wants to go meet them at the park and get our house back? – [Rachel] Let’s go! – This is an amazing house, but when you don’t have any of your stuff it’s so hard. – [Rachel] It is hard. – I miss my bucks. – You like go to sleep
in a bed and you’re like that does not smell like my wife. Weird. Let’s go. – Okay, it’s the end. It’s the end. Now we’ve enjoyed the big house. Did we enjoy the big house? (everyone yells excitedly) – There’s a couple things
in there that we left, so… – Okay, we have to say
goodbye to the Nelsons. Let’s do this people. – [Jase] No, no, no. I want you all to cough
up all the stuff you took. C’mon, I’m ready. Journey, I knew! Yeah, alright! Charger! – [Rachel] Oh dang! She stole our stuff! – [Jase] Anything else?
Anybody want to come clean? My wallet! Oh my goodness, you stole
everything out of my desk. I don’t even want – You don’t need to go
through it a second time. (laughs) I’m just going home. – I don’t know what just happened. We had a blast! We loved hanging out
with our Nelson friends! (cheers) Okay, so, if you want to see
what happened to our house, go and make sure that you check
out the ‘Not Enough Nelsons’ we are going to link them down below because we want to know
what happened, okay. Go over to their channel and
say the TOA squad sent you so that we know where you guys came from or they know where you guys came from. Let’s see if we can get this straight. Ready? Kennedy, Sadie, Luke, Paisley Delaney, Navy, Janey, Trey, Cassidy, Journey, Lily, Bridger, Benji, Elsie, Tiffany Where’s Beckham? Oh, there’s Presley. – [Benji] He stole your skateboard. – [Rachel] Oh, he’s
made off with our stuff! We gotta go! We love you guys! – Mahalo! – [Rachel] Say Mahalo! (everyone yelling ‘Mahalo’) (upbeat theme music playing)

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