2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review and First Drive | Edmunds
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2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review and First Drive | Edmunds

TRAVIS LANGNESS: This is the all
new 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. We’re going to see what makes
it more capable off-road, what makes it better on-road. And we’re going to
see how it stacks up against its competitors. Before we do that, Be sure to
go to edmunds.com/roadnoise for the full first drive. And subscribe to
our YouTube channel for more videos like this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now, from first
looks you might not think that this
Evoque is redesigned. It might look like what
we would call a refresh, a little bit of change in
headlights, tail lights, things like that. But it is completely redesigned. Land Rover says that
99% of this car is new. Under the hood, you get a
choice of two power trains. You get the 2-liter
4-cylinder, or you get that same 2-liter 4-cylinder
paired with a mild hybrid, and that’s the car
we’re driving now. And that mild hybrid
isn’t a plug-in. It doesn’t do some of the things
you would expect from, like, a Prius. But what it does do is
fill in the gaps in power and give you a little bit
of stop and go off the line. It’s basically a system that
assists with stop-start. And it doesn’t intrude much
on the driving experience, which is a good thing. And also, one of the things
that I like about this car is that powertrain. It’s a good powertrain
to get you off the line, holds gears well. It’s got a nine-speed ZF
automatic transmission. It’s the only one you can get. And all of them come with
all-wheel or four-wheel drive. So let’s talk
driving impressions. I’ve been driving this vehicle
for a couple hundred miles, a few days now. And it is really impressive. There are a couple of great
competitors in this class. It falls kind of between
the X2 and the X3 BMW. And there’s some Audis
it falls between, basically a long
list of Germans. But if you’re looking for
something in this price range, know that this is
not a second-best. This is definitely
something that is its own unique
value set in the class. Few things in this price
range or in this category can do with this
can do off-road. And it sounds and feels
pretty good to drive. Even though it’s just a 2-liter
4-cylinder under the hood, it’s got a nice little growl. [ENGINE REVVING] Has a decent amount
of pick-me-up too. And that nine-speed
automatic shifts well. It’s crisp. The shifts are quick. And you don’t really
notice it hunting around for years going uphill. Now, there are some finicky
issues with the sport mode where you think it’s
shifting for you, and then you actually
have to shift. But really, it’s nothing
that’s a deal breaker. Steering is not ideal. Yes, the handling
on this car is good. But the steering
is pretty vague. Now, I like the steering wheel. And I like the on-center feel. It returns to center well. But basically, you can’t tell
what the wheels are doing. So the steering weight is
good, and that’s about it. You’re not going
to tell when you’re going around these mountain
roads just what it’s doing. Now, that’s pretty
typical for the class. But with something that looks
kind of sleek and sporty like this, and it does
have a sport mode, I would hope for
a little bit more in the steering department. Maybe some added weight
would help with that. But again, not a deal breaker. And what about those
safety systems? Well, they’re good,
but this might not have been the best
place to test them out. There are certain
areas in Greece that are kind of
missing road lines. And people seem to move
around in the center. So lane keep assist is
not at its best here. But on the highway,
it seems to do well and nudges you
back into the lane pretty seriously if you’re
about to go out of it. So let’s take a look at the
backseat, at cargo space. And then we’re going
to go off-road. We’re going to do what this
vehicle says it can do better than all the other luxury
vehicles in this class, and that’s go over
rocks, ruts, streams, and all sorts of
other fun obstacles. [MUSIC PLAYING] From front to rear,
this is exactly the same size as the
old model, a little bit wider, barely noticeable. But the wheelbase
dimensions change a couple of things about this vehicle. It makes the approach
angle better. That rear wheel being
so far back allows for that rear door to have
more entry and egress space. You can get in and out
of the back easier. And it’s opened up a
little bit of space in the rear, a little
bit more cargo. So let’s take a walk-around
and look at all the parts and show you what the
inside looks like. It’s nice. For the price point, you
get a lot of nice materials. There’s recycled plastics and
eucalyptus and things in here that you wouldn’t
expect to find. But then there are
other things that you’d expect to find on the interior,
like the steering wheel comes out of other Range
Rover products. And this screen lifted
right out of the Volare. Definitely gives it a high class
feel in here when this thing pops up when you start it. But these two screens
are a bit distracting. They’re kind of hard to
see when you’re driving and you just want to
change the radio station or turn on the heated
seats, which I still haven’t found the controls
for after two days of driving this car. But otherwise, everything
feels upscale in here. It doesn’t feel like a car
built to a price point, which is great for something
in this class. It shouldn’t feel cheap. You should feel
like you’re driving a luxury vehicle every day. And every time I get in
here, that’s the vibe I get. So is it easier to get
into the back seat? Yeah, sure. This rear wheel is moved back. So it does help. There’s not as
big of a hump here to get over to
get on the inside. Once you do get inside– oh, you do have to duck here. That sloping roof
line gets in the way. But there’s plenty of
space, lots of knee room. I have the seat adjusted for me. I’m 5′ 9″, so that gives
you a little bit of a sense of how far back this would be. If you were maybe 6′, it’d
be a couple inches further. Still plenty of space back
here for adults, at least two on a road trip. And we’ve got some
baggage in the trunk. And there’s nothing
needs to be inside here. It’s a good interior. And even with the
panoramic moonroof here, it has plenty of headroom. It’s a nice place to be. It’s quiet. It’s comfortable. Look, I would take this on
any long highway journey and be just fine. Trunk space is good for a couple
of bags, but it’s not perfect. Basically, you’d want a little
bit more with a large family. But for a small trip, it
should be enough space. And the rear seats
fold down 40, 20, 40. So now we are hitting the dirt. This is where the Evoque shines. By shines, I
literally mean shine. That sun hits that
center console, and you get pretty blinded. But this is the
typical kind of stuff you think of when you think
of off-roading a crossover. Does it handle
gravel roads well? Does it handle ruts
and bumps well? Is it uncomfortable when you
get off the beaten path, when you’re leaving the asphalt? And no, it’s not uncomfortable. Yes, it can handle this stuff. This is great terrain
for this kind of vehicle. And it can do the
more serious stuff. As we saw yesterday when we
did a lot of the deep water rut stuff and we were
going over big rocks, up hills, down
hills, this thing has a lot of good tech for pretty
much every off-road scenario. One of the cool things
we did was we basically put this thing in auto. There’s a couple of
modes you can select. But we put it in auto and just
traversed all those rivers. Another great thing you can
do is select a hill ascent control. Then you can change the miles
per hour the car’s going. And from there, you
let do all the work, no brakes, no throttle. You let it figure out the
rocks that are underneath you and crawl up them. And it’s a great party trick,
but it’s also really useful, especially if
you’re not entirely confident doing some of those
off-road maneuvers yourself. This car gives you a lot of
confidence in its abilities that can make up the
gaps where you may not know exactly what you’re doing
when you’re going off road. No, this is not Moab. We’re not rock climbing here. But this is off-roading, for
all intents and purposes. I’m going up the
side of a mountain with a shear cliff on one side. And this vehicle is handling
everything just fine. Ruts, bumps, yeah, they make
their way into the cabin. But really, you’re not
tossed around a lot. There’s not a lot of that
side to side action, which is important when
you’re off-roading. You don’t want to be upset
or get car sick when you’re doing this kind of stuff. And also it feels
super-confident. Even when the surface
is gravelly or loose, it seems like the wheels
know what they’re doing. It feels like the car adjusts
well to these scenarios. Now we’re going to go up
some of the rocky bits. And we’re not getting stuck
or hung up on anything. So the pros of this car,
pretty good powertrain, pretty nice interior,
comfortable ride, really good off-road. I mean, the stuff we
did with this amazed me. It really was very
impressive off-road. Some of the cons? It is a little bit
limited on space. Now, that’s kind of par for
the course with this segment. But there’s plenty of
room for four adults. They’re just not all going
to be able to bring two or three bags on a long journey. And that sloping roof
line does give yourself in and out issues. You do have to duck
a bit in the back. And the final and the
biggest con for me is this set of screens. Now, they are really
good to look at. And the functionality is fine. They work just fine. As far as I can tell,
over the last two days, there hasn’t been
really any problems. I haven’t had any glitches
with the software. But the locations
of the buttons, how hard you have
to search, doing a lot of looking down and
looking away from the road, that’s a con. It’s just something you can’t
fix with a system like this. There are some ways to solve
that by using the buttons here on the steering wheel. But there are certain things
you just have to do down here. And really, it’s a distraction. Honestly, I think this is a
very unique car in the segment. This is probably
the only car that has is off-road-able in the
compact luxury crossover segment. And it really does stand
out for that reason. If you want something that’s
competent on an off-road and stylish, if you
like the look of it, this is a good choice. Definitely be sure to go to
edmunds.com/roadnoise for all the details on our first
drive of the Evoque. And if you want more
videos like this, be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • SS S

    It's good looking like most of LR lineup, lets be honest it's never going off road grass field or gravel is as much as it's owners will ever take it on.

  • trinhkets

    And in four years it will break down, costing more to fix it than it is worth. POS engineering and quality control


    The Range Rover is the safest vehicles ever make.actually because there always in the repair shop you don't drive em to much.😀

  • Mario Lopez

    Nice looking vehicle.
    I couldn't help noticing the fire extinguisher mounted in the rear.
    Its a very good idea.
    All of our fleet have been outfitted with dry powder fire extinguishers, especially our forestry people.
    Looks like Land Rover has the fire extinguisher as an accessory option in certain countries.

  • Josh Miller

    The redesigned Evoque is a beautiful SUV for sure. That interior looks amazing and that sunroof is as well. Nice video.

  • Huy Do

    Probably the best looking car in this segment. I'm not a fan of Volvo, but I love this car. The interior is gorgeous with what looks like some fine materials. I always look forward to watching these videos, especially by Travis. He is so beautiful!

  • Gary J.

    Only two things wrong with the car – and YES, I've driven it in March. One is the removable plastic cover on the centre console, but the other is that it doesn't come with that drop-dead colour. It's lacking that WOW colour. Whether bright green, deep magenta, bright orange, or something new. Its not there. Too many grey's (I'm English, by the way) and neutral colours. The car deserves one or two rather more exciting colours (again, I'm English).

  • Joe Canis

    A Subaru Forester will do just as well or better at half the price and comes with excellent cargo capacity. Snob appeal for the moniker is not worth the money.

  • Saint Etienne

    Why do we NEVER see the old and new car together as a test comparison? And try tapping your fingers around that gear stick – listen to the cheapness.

  • Thurston Howell

    I saw a Mercedes broken down yesterday. And an Audi on the back of a recovery truck. Oh dear. Not allowed to talk about that….Then there was the BMW on fire. And. of course, Jeeps are fucking hopeless.

  • Ms. Ann Neilson

    Just spent months we like new cars so for lease/ return only this loaded 2020 SE Evoque was set among same price point Cherokee Hi lander DiscoverySport 5k +/- We liked it better then the luxury class 70k + Volvo Audi Mercedes Its a car ride in snow /mountain capacity class 👍🏻

  • Geoff Powers

    The biggest selling point of this vehicle is its snob appeal. C'mon. This SUV screams "I've arrived" more than any other of its class competition. And I've seen a lot of these Evoques on the road. All driven by women. Mostly trophy wives. Nothing wrong with that at all. But that's the demographic. Admit it and utilize it. (and there's no such thing as "very unique"–very one of a kind?)

  • Joseph Smith

    Your an idiot. AWD IS NOT FOUR WHEEL DRIVE!!! Moron. Also land rover lost it's edge year's ago and is no longer relevant. Why? Because of people like yourself who are to stupid to know the differences in very basic automotive mechanic differences. Stop reviewing cars your boring and willfully ignorant. Thanks

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