#1 Reason People Fail In Real Estate
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#1 Reason People Fail In Real Estate

There is one reason above all why people
actually fail in real estate. And you know what? You probably cannot guess what
it is. My name is Kris Krohn. I’m not only going
to tell you what the number one failure reason is but i’m going to share with
you all so the number one thing you can do to correct it to make sure it doesn’t
happen to you. Okay dude, it’s Jeopardy. It’s like game
show time. It’s going to be multiple choice. I’m going to give you some options and
we’re going to explore which of all reasons is the number one reason why people fail
on the game real estate? Pption number 1. You’re thinking, “Ugh.
Kris, it’s probably got to be knowledge.” People fail because they don’t possess
the right knowledge or they have the wrong knowledge. Or they’ve sought after
the wrong knowledge. Now, you know what we do say, “Knowledge is Power”?
It’s actually the implementation of knowledge is power. But knowledge is
actually not number 1. It’s also not even number 2. So, it’s not knowledge.
Number 2 is money. Did I misspell knowledge? I think there’s a D in there
somewhere, maybe. Who cares? Money. So, you might be
thinking money. “I didn’t succeed because I didn’t have money. I didn’t have access
to the loans or the credit of the banking. If I had had money, I would have
succeed in real estate.” And you know, this is a good one. This is probably number
2. Even though it’s just, it’s a lame excuse. It’s not true. It’s just what
people, is their perception. They actually think that it takes money to make money
to which I laugh. I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” Dude, how did I take $5,000 and turn it into 1.6 million dollars? It doesn’t take money to
make money. You don’t need a whole lot to go somewhere. But people struggle with
that because we’re trained to be like traditional thinking, right? Not outside
the box. Like work hard at my job, save a bunch of money put it down on real
estate. Yes, that is a way of doing it, it’s also the slowest way. But no. Money
is actually not the reason. Neither is knowledge. So, you might be
thinking “A-ha! I’ve never found the right deal. Everyone’s always talking about
these amazing deals. But I could never find one or I couldn’t negotiate it the
right way or I couldn’t get my hands on one.” Friend, it’s not deal either.
If you work with me, I give you the knowledge, I give you the access to all
the money and I even give you access to the deals. These are just excuses. Before
I tell you what it really is, that’s kind of shocking. Just once you understand
something. These are excuses. These are things people tell themselves when it
gets hard to make themselves feel better. “I couldn’t do it because I didn’t know
enough or I didn’t have the money.” I was like, “Nah, that’s lame.” Don’t, do that.
Go don’t be normal, don’t be mediocre. That’s just average. Blah! The real reason
why people fail in real estate. I’m dealing with a couple of people
right now. Emotions. They actually have a hard time hacking it. And you can’t blame
them. I went through it. Think about it for just a moment. Let’s just say you got
the knowledge, you lined up the money from the bank,
you found the deal. And now it’s time to take action. What does that mean? Holy, oh!!!
“I’m going to actually buy a house. I’m going to go $150,000 into debt. What if it doesn’t go right? What if I pick the wrong deal? What
if I made a mistake? What if I lose the money?” All of this fear comes in. And so
of the emotions that I see is that people are dealing with fear,
anxiety, frustration. Those are the biggies. I’m actually working with
someone right now. I’ve put this deal in front of them that is absolutely amazing.
It’s got like 25% annual ROI. Listen, there’s no guarantee what the
future will produce. But you know what? For his situation, he’s pre-qualified,
he’s lined everything up and dude, he is terrified. He’s blowing me up like crazy.
What if this? And what if that? And what if this? And what…? I’ve never seen someone
so neurotic before making a purchase. I’ve seen it bad but… And you know the
funny thing is? This person, when they watch this video be like… They’ll talk to me like,
“Hey, you were probably talking about me.” And I probably wasn’t. The reality is
this is normal for people to go through because listen, if it was easy, dude
everyone would be doing it. But when you have access to a mentor and you have
experts walking you through it and your people are helping you, there’s not
really a whole lot more that you can really get to really lay aside your
emotions. And so, I want you to understand this. That even if I give you the
knowledge, even if I give you the money, even if I give you the deals, there’s
something that only you can control that I or nobody else can which is how you
choose to feel. And for most of investors that struggle with this, this becomes so
debilitating that guess what? They get out of the deal,
they become a don’t-wanter and they never do a deal again. Meanwhile, some investor
bought their house and probably made a crapload of money on it. It all comes
down to mastering your feelings and your emotions. And this isn’t just real estate.
This is marriage. This is relationships. This is business. This is… This is
parenting. This is everything in life. Most of us haven’t actually been trained.
For me, emotional intelligence is a far greater intelligence and
knowledge. Because they are what direct our actual behavior not what we know.
Not even rationale. For most of us, we are acting and were motivated by how we feel.
If you lose control your feelings, you get in some deep doo-doo. Which is why
when I work with people and I know that this poses the greatest threat to their
success, what’s the number-one way I know how to confront and deal with that? I’m
going to tell you right now. It’s called a full immersion experience. That’s where
someone flies or drives to me, they get my convention center that I had built
just for them and I put on a multi-day full immersive experience where all day
long, I can give them the training, the structure. But most importantly, I
actually teach them the mindset of the wealthy. I helped them break through
their limiting financial beliefs. We break through their fear, we break
through their anxiety, we break through their frustration. And my methods aren’t
exactly what you would call traditional. But they’re effective, they’re powerful.
They work and they actually end up producing a life-changing experience. So,
I just want to share two things that can help you. Number 1 is… If you… One of the
links that you’re going to find below is for actually coming out to one of my
next events. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to get in room with me for a
few days and I’m going to expose you to an entirely new perception, point of view,
belief system, how millionaires think. Your life’s never going to be the same
again. It will change actions and we’re going to deal with these negative emotions.
The other option that you have is you can also click below and get a copy of my free book. My free book is also an additional amazing way for you
to really start learning and growing exactly the shortest path to getting
into real estate with the least time, least effort, least risk. And really make
the most money. So, I put both of those on the table for your consideration. So now,
you know the biggest threat to you as an investor and you also know what you can
do to address that and eradicate it. I’m telling you right now, when people get
with me and go through my course, it changes their life, it changes their
results, it changes their production. And it’s one of those things
that you have to experience to really know. So, if it’s the right next step for
you, click the link below. Jump on with me. Otherwise,
subscribe. I got another hot video coming your way designed to help you achieve
your world of financial freedom.


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