#1 Real Estate CRM Software For Realtors 2019 – Beginner Real Estate Agents Start Here…
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#1 Real Estate CRM Software For Realtors 2019 – Beginner Real Estate Agents Start Here…

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here this video We’re gonna break down the number one real estate CRM tutorial for brand new real sage so even if you’re brand new or if you’re seasoned veteran or if you’re intermediate anywhere in between I’m gonna show you guys the best CRM to go through and use and actually how to utilize it for your business and also as a cool little bonus if you guys are watching this video and You go. I’ll drop the link down below If you go to this site right here and sign up for a free 7-day trial you guys will get a full on concierge service as you sign up, which our team will be able to help you import your leads and Also, we’ll go through and we’ll post a social media for you 30 times per month of real estate specific content to Facebook Twitter LinkedIn so you don’t have to worry about us that that’s just like a little free bonus added this special extra for you guys for jumping on watching this video today and sign up for a free 7-day trial so To get that all you got to do is come down here To this little chat button and you can see right here. You can see you start a new conversation Ask Lauren Denise bet anyone on our support team and they’ll be able to help you out. Right? So let’s get into this guys Let’s break down the number one real estate CRM For beginning real estate agents and how to actually go through and use this I want to go through and show you guys in the backend and kind of what things you can go through and make possible Ok, so this is the main dashboard right here, and this is obviously just a demo account But I just want to show you guys a few things that we’ve got right here So right up here in the top left. You’ve got the hottest leads Okay, so it’s one thing to go through and know who are the most recent leads, which this is the newest leads right here But you also want to know not only like are did they just opt-in but are they actually opening your emails? Are they clicking on the links within your emails? Are they actually engaging with your branding your content and revisiting maybe your websites and all that stuff? so that’s what we go through and do now there was an MIT and a Harvard study that talks about how Your if you are to go through and contact a lead within the first five minutes Of them opting in and becoming a lead You’re about 80 to 90 percent more likely to convert that lead into a sales So that obviously has a pretty high weight when we’re talking about leads and how hot they are an active But if somebody opts in and they’re not like engaging with your brand or your content Doesn’t really matter right like you want them to be open your emails click And we found that agents that are able to go through and see which leads are actually engaging with their marketing messages Those people are so much more ready, and we’ve even had agents Who work with us and they’ll find like who the hottest leads are and they’ve got family members that are the ones opening and clicking They don’t even realize that they’re in the market to buy or sell home. So it’s pretty crazy stuff I’m you guys can see right here. We’ve got the next appointments and then obviously this is a quick little run-through of the dashboard Of how many leads that you’ve gotten how many social posts are going out and you can see it broken down by Facebook Twitter Linkedin and Remember guys if you guys get started with a free 7-day trial we will actually go through and we’ll post a Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn 100% for you, so member of our team will jump in will create real estate specific content Okay and we’ll show it we can even show you guys the content of what it looks like and then we’ll actually just go through and Pull down and and do that for you Also, if you guys have any leads like an existing database from LinkedIn Gmail Outlook wherever it is Let’s go ahead and import all of your leads for you and so then we can even start kind of like some of these email marketing messages so you can see which leads are actually the Hottest without spending a dime on advertising you can just blast out an initial email and see which ones are your hottest leads Which ones are actually opening those emails Which ones are clicking on the links where you’re sending them and based on which ones are? Opening and clicking and all that stuff you’ll be able to see which leads are actually Probably ready to take action that you should probably be reaching out to. All right, so Let’s just say let’s just jump in here. So like we’ve got we’ve got J right here you can see we got it doesn’t have a phone number but This is obviously just a demo account. So if we all click right here, we click on J now He is one of the hottest leads because if we come to his account You can see right here in the history and upcoming. He’s a recently. Ok, so June 4th. Looks like that was yesterday Ok, so we sent him an email as soon as he opted in and he opened the email Ok, now I don’t believe this email actually has a link to click on but if there was a link to click on that also Be in the history So be able to see everything on how that lead is engaging with our brand because those people that are opening clicking all that stuff We want to be talking with them, right? Now the cool thing is with J right here we also come over here and roll him into you an email sequence a little drip sequence whether you know You can see he’s a first-time homebuyer a seller Lee buyer lead or even this by monthly updates That’s basically what happens is every two weeks. We’ll just go through and drip a real stay specific email on that person So you stay top of mind With that new lead. All right. Now this is super powerful because you’re educating this person and you know, Maybe they’re not ready to buy or sell home but maybe in six months 12 months 18 months You don’t know when but if you’re the one nurturing that person You’re the one that they’re more likely to go through and follow up with right? So you can see right here up here at the top We can add notes to this person if we’re going through and we’re in Communication helping them buy or sell home add a little note save that note so we can say test Note we hit save and it drops down here into our history and upcoming so you can see everything just at a glance Right, and then we can also shoot off an email directly to this person So the text like a phone call go through add a task, and this will show up over here on the calendar Okay, which syncs with your Google Calendar, which is super nice, right so you can be on your phone You can go through create an appointment create a task Whatever is going on right here be on your phone you’re out and about at an open house at a showing or wherever you are and You’ll just be able to look up and see okay I’ve got at 3:00 p.m. I’ve got this this showing and then at 7:00 p.m. I’ve got an open house or whatever it might be so you can be on the go with everything that you’ve got going on then also as part of this we we’ve Synched with Gmail right over here So when you come over here to your inbox and this is just a demo account So I haven’t fully synced with it, but you’ll be able to go through and manage all of your work emails from Gmail So you’ll have all the conversations over here kind of like just like how it is on you know? I mail or any of those different apps So you have the conversation you can click through here and then respond and have the conversation over here Now as I mentioned guys, this is just a demo account So I don’t have that all synced up right here But it’s a nice way to go through and follow up with all of your leads and then right here This is where you know, we’ll go through and as I mentioned earlier We’ll be able to go through and how you import all of your leaves Wherever they’re from and if you we’ve got Google Sync right here So if you got all your contacts in your Google contacts You just sync one button one click and it just syncs with your Google Account Brings all of them in and it just makes it super nice and easy then I show you guys as before You know you click on one of these leads You’ll be able to go through and see you know this person obviously put in at Bob’s email That’s why I said bounce email be able to click and see which leads are Coming in what’s going on? If emails are going out they’re clicking on links and what’s going on But as you know showed you guys before this dashboard makes it really nice be able to see like, okay emails How many were sent how many were open how many were clicked on you can go through and filter out here Let’s check out the last week. Okay, so there’s 41 emails or we can say in the last four weeks Okay or month today is you know beginning of June. So that’s why this numbers a little bit lower and we’ve got year-to-date Okay, so you can see like all time You can sort through all these different ones and see what’s going on with the emails How many are being said open clicked on how interactive your databases and you know? Obviously, you’ve got your top appointments hottest leads over here. They’ll just go through click on them So we got like Jake right here, maybe Jake we want to go through and follow up them Oh he opened his email This is somebody we’ve got his phone up. We got all this information right here So we want to go through and follow up now another cool thing that most Syrians don’t have is we’ve got these landing page Sites these lead generation sites You can go through and we have all these pre-built templates and we’ve tested them with thousands and thousands of dollars of paid advertising So we know they’re gonna convert for you Okay
so if you come in here and let’s say we click on create another web site and Let’s say you want and you’ve got a listing you want to go through and mark it Okay, so you just click on this listing leads one, you know kick you into the website builder You can customize it the the templates pretty much done, right? We’ve got the headline got the sub headline call to action already done for you all you got to maybe do is change out the background image and Customize it to you in your business or we’ve got all these other campaigns. So we’ve got seller leads. We’ve got buyer leads This one’s buyer leads if you do not have a listing Okay, so you don’t have to have a listing to make this work we’ve got open house We’ve got several seller these campaigns we’ve got several templates for mortgage brokers loan officers because you know if your Realtor or mortgage broker You probably work very closely together because if someone’s looking to buy home That person’s a perfect lead for both of you You guys can work in unison with this. Right? And we’ve got all these other different templates websites all that stuff and Leave forms, we integrate with them. So Just kind of like some nice little features that are in addition to this CRM that are really like we’ve simplified this dramatically to make it super simple for you to go through and generate new leads Import existing leads follow up with all your leads stay in touch with them And then one last thing I forgot to show you guys, but we’ve got this messages section Where you can go through and you can you know set up an email drip sequence, okay? Or and we’ve got a lot of pre-built ones already done for you We blast out an email to all of our contacts shoot out of text We can see the activity how that’s all interacting And as I mentioned before guys, we’ve got this little social tab right here which you can go through and schedule outpost of Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn and You can make real estate specific posts if you guys opted in below for watching this video We’re gonna hook you guys up with a little special bonus that we will actually go through and create the post you want to spend your time because we know You’re super busy. Right your real estate agent. You’ve got a lot on your plate So what you do is just jump in and then you just come down here and like we’ve got all these little chat bubbles Right here where it’s like you just reach out to our support team. You hit new conversation Beth Denise Laurent They’re all amazing, and we’ve even got several other to be able to help assist you getting started with your real estate crm, right? So anyway guys, I’ll add the link to this site over here So you guys can get started with the free 7-day trial Let them know that you guys watch this video and we’ll hook you guys up with those little bonuses of posting 30 times per month for you gave to you all your social media platforms a real estate specific content and We will also go through help you import those leads and we can even enroll those initial leads into a little real estate Specific drip sequence. So that’s all done on autopilot You know
You have to think about it and then you can just come back here to your dashboard and see which ones are actually Opening the emails clicking on the emails and so you can know which leads are your hottest because they’re gonna rise up to the top All right. So anyway, thanks so much for watching guys. Hopefully this was helpful if it was give it a thumbs up I also drop a comment down below. Let me know what you think And if you guys are brand new here make sure you guys subscribe because we’ve launched a new video every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and Grow your business. Thanks so much for watching guys, and we’ll see you all later


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