• Marcus Offutt

    You are like a real person! You seem like one of us and not the millionaire real estate guru that just wants us to like and subscribe. Is $20k enough to start investing? I own a house in the LA area however I cannot afford to buy a rental property here. Im 30 years old and looking to get started in the real estate rental investing

  • Russ Miller

    I don't think in any of these videos out here I have heard anyone talk in depth about the struggles of tenants. Like how hard was it to put folks in these homes?

  • Mina

    Happy I found your channel! This is exactly what I've been thinking of. I'm Canadian and I see these cheap deals for good houses in the US and I can't believe no one is talking about it! Such a luring investment market <3

  • Jarrett Harris

    Thank you for this video! Most videos I've seen the people were already perfectly set up.. had great credit with 20k to put down when getting a 100k loan and so on. So it's good to know that u can get started with low priced houses and make it work.. I'm looking to get started asap. Also, I'm in Richmond!! Lol

  • Simarjit Kaur

    Thanks so much for such an honest, refreshing approach. You should do more public speaking – straight from the heart—- speak to young people etc….great advice

  • Gabriel Díaz Tur

    Hi, in this video you mention you had 4 properties at that moment, how many do you have now? are they under 30K too?
    Thanks in advance

  • Gabriel Jimenez

    Thanks, this was Good stuff. These techniques absolutely
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  • David Bryce

    I was looking for a new house to buy anywhere here in New York, a lovely house for my family and my extended family as we are thinking of moving before the end of the year, I wanted to celebrate the festive seasons and my promotion at work with them, but I couldn't do that cos my credit score was 523 and I had debt on my credit card too, not on till I was introduced to [email protected] . It's was amazing and couldn't believe my eyes.. It took two month my score went up to 818 and all my debt was cleared and I brought my dream house .. I have no worries, thanks to [email protected] ..

  • YelahAes

    Just discovered you and I'm overjoyed. If it's not too personal can you share your salary range? Do you make above or below six figures? Never thought about using a personal loan instead of a mortgage. The 20% down is a lot. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Brooklyn Born

    Does it make sense to buy a house to rent out in the state you actually live in? especially if you are a newbie? or would you recommend some place nearby to oversee any issues with the property?

  • BRWfilms

    I need a video telling you how to figure out what a property is really worth and what factors affect price

    Im 18 and it should be making 32k per year starting in may of next year I still live at home so i wont need credit or loans to buy a property but i do not want to over pay

  • Amberez

    Its good to keep going. Great that you don't let things stop you. Even if the terms aren't great, you still learn for other investments what to and what not to do. Otherwise, do nothing, get nothing, learn nothing. Working on my next deal.

  • Whodunit

    I'm in a MUCH better position credit wise, income wise than she started in….im a man, YET she had the bigger balls out of the 2 of us to go make it happen! What's my excuse??? I should have no excuse. Thanks for this encouraging and informative video. You have a new subscriber in me, and I'm going to go and start making some moves for myself.

  • Surendra Muddu

    house=asset=contains equity+liability equity part or profit part is eaten away by builders and bankers. and left with long 30 years liability, and add rental,,tenants,govt and repairs, you end up in huge liability after 25 years, sounds UN-realistic,god knows !without excel sheet how can you just talk,talk,talk!

  • Frank Feltes

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  • Tony Choi

    I saw on another channel called millennial thinktank an investor who also invest in Baltimore purchased a house for almost 40 plus fix up and plans to refinance what is the difference in thinking why would he do that your method seems much safer

  • edie lam

    As a landlord, your number one priority is rent payments. Only problem is, it's not always the tenants number one priority.

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  • Jocelyn Waters

    I admire you for being a strong black woman who goes out and makes this happen for herself instead of letting excuses get in her way. The US needs more people like yourself! (I hope you don't mind me saying that)

  • Q Sharp

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It was very realistic, transparent, detailed, and informative. There are so many videos on this topic but they arent as helpful yours for a young person in their 20s trying to learn and get into real estate. Thank you and may God keep blessing you with success you are an inspiration.

  • ronald williams

    When u bought your condo and your other house went into foreclosure did they try to come after your other houses or money u had

  • KidCity Lynnwood

    Is it paid off in 5 years for sure? Or is the loan due in 5 years, banks will twist things around and fool you. Be careful!

  • Marquita Freeman

    I'm 4 years late, but God has given me an opportunity to invest in property and I feel so blessed to find this video. Thank you girl!! I will start looking for me some property under 30k or 40k since its 2018 😘 thank you.

  • Frankie Lobos

    Spoken like a true engineer! I wanted to extend my gratitude for enlightening me on the in's and out's of real estate investment.

  • Millan Gabriel Figueroa

    Thanks for all the info! What's your take on the effects that gentrification has on the working class residents of said working class neighborhoods that you are inviting investors to make all this money off of? I'm not saying it's totally impossible to be a property owner with ethics, but admittedly most people who invest in poor or working class neighborhoods aren't necessarily worried about the well-being of the neighborhood itself. I'm coming from a working class Latino family, and even though i am now in a place where i can afford to buy property, I will never forget what its like to have wealthy white college kids move into my neighborhood, rents going up, and hearing my mom cry herself to sleep at night when we had no choice but to move out after the rent doubled in our unit. This is especially happening in historically Black and Latino cities. Is this ever a factor for you when you are choosing the neighborhoods? How do you contend with that (if you do)?

  • Greenlight 88

    While this information is valuable, I’m nowhere near being able to do any of this lol. I’m almost a year out of undergrad and have about 60k in student loan debt, plus about 7-8k for my last semester. I haven’t worked in almost three years. Folks talking about having 20-30k saved, hell I’d love that! I’m so close to just taking a couple minimum wage jobs and start trying to put money away.

  • menininha92

    Thank you for being so sincere about what you've been through and all, the laid offs, etc, it really allows me to identify with you and kind of picture myself being able to do it too. I'm really interested in RE investing but I always have a hard time picturing myself doing it – I guess because it's always white straight dudes telling their story! Your video is appreciated!

  • DK Bullock

    This is an interesting story. It's great that you found a way to success and prosper. There plenty of homes in the Baltimore area in that price range back then and even now.

  • reavleeful

    I would like to know what kind of tenants you’re getting in these houses. I’m from Baltimore and the price range you discussed is usually a fixer upper or in the hood.

  • Michael Evans

    I keep you part of my list of real estate videos I listen to, really like your progress. I built a portfolio of properties valued over $700k and net passive income of $3000. Keep doing what you’re doing, great job

  • Jonah Lamb

    Join the military save your money living for free on base. Use your va loan to buy a quad plex $0 down. Live rent free and make a small profit. Use saved money from the last 4 years to buy a second property(duplex or triplex). After 4 years you could have 6 units and be living rent free and bringing in 400-600+ a month in passive income.

  • sobiesky Jimenez

    Just saying .. I've been told for better credit , just leave 600 $ dollars in a secured account for 6 months and that you improve your credit score. My uncle told me that. Also , thank you for sharing INFORMATIVE videos .. greatly appreciated. 👏

  • veronicajade20

    Hi, what do you think about purchasing properties in working class neighborhoods with CRA loans? Do you do one on one coaching and specific analysis of where to purchase properties? My dad has a NYC cab medallion he’s about to lose and he’s always talked about renting properties. My parents and I want to get into purchasing properties. We just need specific help and guidance. Thanks.

  • veronicajade20

    When I heard you targeted black professionals with your information, I knew you were someone who understands and could help. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Dawn Murray

    Wow! So many amazing ideas. My husband and I have three homes. One will be paid off within the next year. I wanted to purchase additional properties, but the mortgages had me rethinking that. But, I’ve started looking into 30-40K homes and it looks doable. Thank you! Do you offer private coaching?

  • sterl16

    What were the terms of titling your Honda Civic for $10k? Length/payments for something like this. I had an idea of doing the same.

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