🔥 10 Lies Realtors Tell Home Sellers

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr . In this video I’m going to go over 10 lies Realtors
tell home sellers. So I wanted to do this video because I was reading an article
last week by Kyle Hiscock and it was pretty interesting. It was about lies real estate agents
tell home sellers and I want to go over some of these lies a lot of them are
pretty popular I believe there’s around ten of them so let’s take a look at
these I’m going to go through them pretty quick but some of them you’ll
probably recognize certainly if you’ve ever sold a home whether would the real
estate agent or if you’ve sold a home on your own so let’s start off and we’ll
talk about the what he calls the lies about so the lies about price some real
estate agents will tell a seller their home is worth more than it really is yes
that is a hundred percent true it’s known in our industry it’s called buying
the listing it happens all the time especially in a market like we have
right now that’s a seller’s market there’s a low inventory these agents a
lot of them are struggling to get business and they go in and they just
tell the seller that their home is worth whatever the seller wants to hear or
maybe even more than they want to hear to secure the listing so be careful and
I always tell everybody you’re the homeowner you’re the decision-maker
you’re the one that’s going to determine the price not the real estate agent
you’re hiring the agent based off of their marketing and their negotiation
skills don’t pick a real estate agent based off
a price if you do you’re gonna probably be unhappy and it might not really have
anybody to blame but yourself so be careful that one okay I had to give you
a little hard to love there so second wise about brokerage fees yeah there’s
some real estate agents that tell sellers commissions are fixed they’re
not fixed in two-story that that is what it is lies about their production some
agents don’t have a ton of sales and they believe it’s a good idea to lie
about their sales this probably happens I think it probably does out there I
don’t really understand when I was brand new in real estate I
told the seller straight up I said look I have no business I’m pretty much new
I’ve only been in the business a couple weeks or a couple months but I have
nothing to do but work on your home and get it sold that’s all I have to do I
work 60 hours a week and I will work like a dog to get your home sold but I
know some agents just think it’s easier to go out lie there’s a lot of sellers
that are really into the production thing that agents have and you have to
be careful because one thing is you definitely want I think an agent that is
experienced again they have to do marketing but there’s there’s the
example agents out there that will do maybe five million dollars a month in
production and you may think that’s pretty good
until you hear they have 50 or 60 people on their team it isn’t too good because
no one’s really doing much of anything but it sounds good so be careful in that
the next one is lies about their experience you know and you know again a
lot like a lot like the last slide about their production maybe they are a newer
agent and they’re not that experienced this is a pretty ridiculous one because
all you need to do is go to the state’s website you can look up and see how long
in the real winners have their license so that’s that that’s easy right there I
don’t get it lies about their specialties yes this
happens quite often about the specialty so you have people out there on both
sides with buyers and sellers they’ll say with buyers I’m a first-time
homebuyer specialist or they’ll say with sellers I’m a waterfront specialist or
I’m a luxury home specialist or whatever people want to work with specialist
first off if you’re gonna call yourself an expert you’re gonna call yourself a
specialist you really should have 10,000 hours under your belt before you start
using and throwing those terms out so be careful of the real estate agent tried
to get more specific with them if that is what you’re looking for again you
want someone who does marketing they get specialized in anything but if they
don’t know how to market it doesn’t matter lies about their use of the
Internet some agents tell people that they’re the only one using
the internet to sell their listing alright I don’t get that I’m in Tampa I
don’t think that would ever happen here especially in a bigger city everybody
has the Internet you know every single real estate out
there is probably go is going on Zillow Trulia etc so I don’t
get that one whatsoever why is about use of social media I mean I I don’t know I
guess this is out there I gotta tell you I just find very very very few people
knowing anything about social media and when I say social media I’m talking
Facebook I’m talking YouTube I’m talking to LinkedIn Tumblr Google+ Twitter so a
lot of these I just don’t find very many agents knowing that I guess some agents
will lie about that and if someone tries to use that as a separator why you
should use them over another agent just call them on the carpet now I do use
that one because I know a lot about a social marketing I mean you’re look at
me looking at me on a social marketing site so I would love it if a seller
actually asked me a question like this but I don’t really find a lot of people
do know much about them and you know if they do good you want someone who
understands social media matter of fact they should understand social media and
I’ll even go one step on top of that the agent you hire should have a darn good
understanding of social media because that is an incredible way that is the
now in the future to get home sold so wise about their website some agents
find it a good idea to sell prospective home sellers that they’re the only agent
in town with the website everybody pretty much has a website you know if
you’re with Coldwell Banker now maybe you don’t have your own which is a
little odd in this day and age it’s like a business card of a real estate agent
but if you’re with no Coldwell or Keller Williams or whatever they give all the
agents their own website if you don’t have your own website it I personally
think it says a little bit about the agent not really understand standing
technology and marketing I personally want hire an agent and have their own
website but that’s just me why is about open houses this one’s
actually quite funny real estate agents lie to the seller and tell them the
primary purpose of an open house is to sell the home boy that ought to get at
least five Pinocchio’s that is one of the biggest lies statistically it’s
about one-half of one percent the only reasons agents do an open house I should
say 95% of the agents do open houses to get a buyer so they could go sell the
buyer you do get about five percent of the agent that will agents that will
might do an open house because maybe they want to get buyers into the home to
get feedback and that’s really not a bad idea but if an agent has that in their
marketing plan to even do open houses in this day and age they don’t have any
marketing plan at all certainly not an effective one lies about how many
potential buyers this is this is probably one of the top wise if you’ve
ever been for doing a for sale by owner or you had one of your home’s a listing
that you have been an agent took and then your home expired
you’re gonna get this all the time it stopped by pretty much you know I
personally think probably every company every trainer every book every coach
just call up and say hey you have a prospective buyer you want to look at
the home don’t believe that you know every blue moon that may be the case I
think in less than 1% everybody’s doing it then you say oh we’ll just bring your
buyer over with you then they’re saying no no I want to come look at the home
it’s don’t believe that so anyhow those are the 10 why’s that Realtors tell so
you make up your own mind if there lies or not but keep your eyes open for them
if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’re in the tampa
bay area and you’re looking to sell your home I’d love to talk to you and I just
hope you have a wonderful day and if you’re selling your home or even buying
a home I hope you have a wonderful experience check out my other YouTube
videos goodbye you

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