💦 Our House Flooded – Man Vs House Ep.5
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💦 Our House Flooded – Man Vs House Ep.5

Yeah, this is my basement What up internet? Rob and Corinne here and you’re watching man vs. House. In the car! And this episode is really exciting because we’re getting stones. What are you talking about? This is a sponsored Lowe’s episode. What are you talking about? I’m just talking about how we’re gonna go get stones for our fireplace. Oh my goodness look at all these rocks. Hehehe I love rocks. All right. I don’t know if you got the lowe-down yet. What we’re doing is, we’re Resurfacing the fireplace in stone. I’m into these. It’s like a puzzle piece. All those years of playing Tetris are gonna pay off. How would we get this home is the question. Well we wouldn’t that’s that’s the answer. No. It’s my pet rock. Yeah, no. It’s too big. It’s too big Have you ever seen someone get so excited about rocks? Hahaha I don’t think so. All right, we got all the rocks. Now they just got to be delivered, so we’ll see you back at the house when that happens Hey Rob, you really rock okay? Okay? That’s nice. Now we need to go find some wood for our mantle. Boom. Ashville hardware. This is like the reclaimed wood sanctuary This is kind of what I was thinking. What? This is all termite eaten. We just got rid of all this. I like this one. Why don’t we just get this and just have this hanging from our house? Huh? What are you doing? Cedar. Cedar I barely know her. This is a lot…Ow! got a splinter. Get it out, get it out, get it out! Sorry. Changed my mind. I like this one the best. What is that it? It says Rosewood question mark. Oh yeah, that’s Rosewood. $25. No, $500 Wow look at that smile, you know what that means. Ring it up. That’s the new mantle right there Well if things get that bad we could just sell this piece of wood for, $500. All right I’ve spent way too much money today. Tomorrow we get back to work. Oh thank goodness for people that actually know what they’re doing. We’re here at Johnny’s workshop. He is of the YouTube channel, the Crafted Workshops. Make sure to go check them out He’s gonna be helping us with our wood today. Do you ever make dumb jokes about having a lot of wood or big wood. No wood jokes, I got it. So, eventually we would like this to be a mantle, do you think that’s possible? I definitely think that’s possible. We can clean up the surface, really bring out that beautiful grain. Square up the back so it’ll sit against your wall. And get it ready for finish. I’m excited! Oh my god, that was my favorite part. It smells like roses. Whoa it actually really does! This is the coolest piece of wood. Here, smell that, you tell me. This is the planer. This is really gonna be like kind of the money shot. When it goes through it’s gonna start out really rough like it is now. Then it’s gonna come out the other side just completely beautiful. You can see how smooth that is. It’s so pretty. All right, well let’s cut the ends off. Yeah Now, we get out the cool looking tools. This is not your mama’s pine. Damn, that’s some hard ass wood. We got him. So you want to rest this front part flat against the edge, like that. Okay. And then just kind of… push it across. Johnny Brook, call me Looking good We got a splinter. You’re an official woodworker. That’s really in there. Well it looks fantastic, you have earned yourself an invitation to the housewarming party my friends. Make sure you check out Johnny’s channel here on YouTube. Crafted workshop, thanks again so much. We are very excited. Yeah, I’m excited to see it. We got some good wood kids. That’s the fireplace, all set up and ready for Corinne’s next project. I’ve always wanted to be a Mason, so do I get to wear like a little hat? You can wear whatever you want. So what do we got to do here to make this look beautiful yet? We’re gonna put the insert into our… original opening here. Then we’ll prep this surface. Then we’ll come back and start laying from the bottom, up. With our new stone. Sounds like a lot of work. Yeah I don’t really want your help on this. I think this is just gonna be me. Don’t worry Rob. There is plenty of other stuff for him to do. There’s plenty to do around here I’m sure. You need any help with anything? Yeah, Why don’t you hold this. Is this it, I just need to hold this? Hey Ryan. No thanks. Really? You don’t need any help here? Nah, I’m good. Hey, man, you need any help with anything out here? I think I got it under control. You need anything? No, I’m good. Alright, well let me know. I’m gonna take out these bricks Natural-born mason over here. Just loosening it up! Taking this house apart brick by brick Oh, son of a brick! Oh, what a beautiful rainy day it is outside. Day 127 to be exact. We’re heading over to the house to start on the masonry work for the fireplace Are you ready to get this party started Rob? I got this party started five months ago. I’m ready for this party to end Mud everywhere Oh, it’s slippery! There’s mud all over the place. All over the place! This is now our yard, this is just a giant mud pit Well of course there’s now just a ton of dirt being tracked throughout the entire house across all of the brand-new floors Corinne! I see you’ve found the fire place. I’m helping. Is that too much? Is it that way? Is it like that? Really push it in there. That one’s gonna fall off. I thought I was gonna be really good at this. I don’t feel like I am. It’s just uh basically a huge puzzle. You might need more mud. They said you needed more mud? Go back outside. I feel like it’s kind of all right. Corinne, you can’t have this. Can’t leave holes. Pretty close You getting your piece to fit over there Corinne? Little bit Look at this! Hey Rob, whats up. This is looking awesome. Its like you’ll be finished in no time Uh, not so fast. We got a couple days here man. What? You can’t rush this kind of stuff Rob Yeah, I mean we definitely need to let each course dry. There’s just no way Ah man, we gotta put the episode out. This isn’t gonna work. Here we are day two and it’s still raining a lot Yeah Headed back to the house to try to finish up the fireplace. Think we might have gotten ourselves involved in a muddy pit situation Did you say a muddy pit situation? A muddy pit, yes. The best part is Bob just told us that the whole basement is flooded. Uh you got to be kidding me I’m talking pools, flooded over here. It’s like half the basements flooded. If Lowe’s wasn’t sponsoring this video There’d be about a hundred and fifty curse words coming out of my face right now Like this was supposed, like we were supposed to redo this entire space. This was gonna be like a little workshop Creative space, but it’s all flooded. All back there, all here. Maybe an indoor pool Huh maybe we just put an indoor pool in the basement, how about that? Okay, should have just bought a regular house. So we just got a phone call that said that the kitchen cabinets for the tiny house were being delivered. First off, there’s nowhere to put them because everybody’s working in all corners of the house. The basement is flooded which is where we would have put them initially Just another day. Wonder how Corinne’s doing on that fireplace, huh? Look at this coming along Ya it’s looking good. It’s slow work but we’ve made a lot of progress since yesterday. That looks great right there, look at that placement. How much more time you got on this thing? I would say another day and a half. I know the mantle’s not going on there yet, thats for sure. But that’s what this show is all about it’s always changing and evolving and you get to see the process of it all. Yeah, it just doesn’t happen in 22 minutes on television with a couple commercial breaks. I give up. You can’t give up wait. Where you going? Well, that’s the end of another day spent at our beautiful new house It’s still raining, still gonna rain for a couple more days, which means more mud, more water, more problems. That’s it, I’m not going back to that house again. Every time we walk in there, I like, I want to I want to throw up. I’m done this has been five months of absolute ridiculousness and every time we go over there, it’s just it’s more stressful. There’s more things that pop up that needs to be fixed I don’t know if this will ever end. So yeah, so shout out to Lowe’s. Thanks for sponsoring us Thanks for being the coolest sponsor in the whole world. Hopefully this show will keep on going because at this point I just want to sell that house. This is the most stressful thing we have ever done in our entire lives, and it’s still happening. It’s still happening! Damn, that’s some hard ass wood.


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