サニトラ買っちゃいました!!茨城でフェアレディ240Z旧車改造の相談ついでに。。。I Bought Another Truck… This Time in Japan!!
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サニトラ買っちゃいました!!茨城でフェアレディ240Z旧車改造の相談ついでに。。。I Bought Another Truck… This Time in Japan!!

You wouldn’t consider selling me this Sunny truck? Try taking an engine apart once! We’re heading to Ibaraki! I’m as cool as any of these dudes are! Learn about classic cars first!! Why you always hiding Nino? I love the smell of old cars! Well? will you sell it to me??? yeah.. I think so…. Good morning Ryo! where’s Nino hiding? The 3 of us are heading to Ibaraki today!! We’re going to meet up with my friend Isaka-san from Banzai Racing Equipment. Why are you always hiding back there Nino??? lol I haven’t been to Ibaraki too many times before…. Hey Nino! Remember Zundoya Ramen? We ate it in Kobe at end of World X Series Rally…. it was really good! I didn’t know they had a restaurant here in Shinjuku Kabukicho ! I want to see Godzilla on the way to the station…. its this way right? Remember when I got a job and got fired in the same night at the Host Club? Maybe I should give it a try again here this time…. I think I’m as cool as these dudes are! I think I gotta work on my pose though… and I don’t think my hair is quite cool enough yet…. lol I gotta work on my makeup skills too.. lol The more I think about it the more of a bad idea it is…. I think my days of being a Host in a club are over Nino… lol Which girl do you like the best? this one? No… I like this girl… Chino? What about you Ryo? you like Ai ? Let me see who I like best…. this is difficult…. lol they are all so cute it’s hard to choose just one… lol I’m like a little kid…. “mama, can I push the button?” I love vending machines…. and this is a cool one! Japan is all about vending technology! I wonder what the QR code is used for? this thing is so modern! we have nothing like this in America… and if we did someone would likely vandalize it! This is my car on this poster!! LOL Isaka-san just gave me this as a present! it’s even got my thumbs up on it too!! and look at this one! I think you should have this one Steve! I’m giving you this one as a present! are you sure? yes, I want you to have this one! I promise to take good care of it! I cant believe this!! Thank you very much! This is incredible! Oh here comes Isaka-san…. Nino and I want to go into the back warehouse… can we see what’s back here too? You really want to see back there? yes I do!! go ahead! really?!?! Isn’t this the Nissan Datsun Sunny pickup truck that was at the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS)?? You’ve had it hiding here?? It’s still got the #69 on it! Just like at TAS ! Banzai Racing! I think it was 2 years ago when I saw this truck at TAS…. I said at that time (on video) that this was my favorite car of all the awesome cars at TAS! Wow.. that makes me so happy to hear! I’m not just saying that either… I really said that at that time… Remember that Nino? yeah and we even put a Steve’s POV sticker on it at that time too! it’s faded out but its still on here! What are you doing with this truck now? I don’t really have much further plans for it… That’s unfortunate… this year’s TAS I displayed the Hakosuka that I copied off of your Zerosuka design! lol so this truck has just been sitting idle for a while now… That is very very unfortunate…. you wouldn’t consider selling it would you? I haven’t seen many other rhd Sunny trucks that are this cool in America… You wouldn’t sell it to me? you want this truck Steve? yes I do… and I promise to take great care of it too…. really? yes and when you come to America we can go for a drive in it together! I guess I can sell it to you Steve…. really?!? Nino!! did you hear that?? are you serious??? yeah, I never thought he would sell this truck ever! Let’s shake on it to seal the deal… YES!! Awesome!! but Steve! I wanted that truck!! you have nothing to do with this Nino!! step aside!! lol this is between Isaka-san and me!! lol I even wore my Datsun hat today!! nice thinking Steve!! I am so happy!! I promise I will take good care of it too!!! no regrets? are we good?? yes.. we are good! There is something I wanted to ask Isaka-san his opinion about….. you know I own a 1971 Datsun 240Z? its bright orange and its been sitting in the back of my garage for a long time…. I’ve seen it from time to time hiding in the back of your garage!! Thats the car… and I finally have restarted the project…. its been a while…. yes it has…. and I want to drive it again soon…. it currently has 2 OEM Hitachi SU carbs… I want to upgrade those carbs and manifold to a Weber setup…. but I don’t know a lot about it so I figured while I was here I could pick your brain for some info or buy some parts….. hmmm… I am good at customizing things but when it comes to something technical like carburetors I am out of my comfort zone…. really? yes… but….. the good news is I have someone who knows a lot about carbs… someone here?? yes! someone here! you want to meet him? I can actually meet him and discuss these things with him now? that would be terrific!!! shall we go meet him? Let’s go! let’s go!! thank you so much Isaka-san! After talking with Isaka-san, we walked just a few feet outside his building and this is what we came too!! Garage Hitachi and its owner Aomori-san! I’m so happy I got to meet you today! Thank you for coming! Thank you! We walked up to here and they were outside stripping down a Nissan 4 cylinder engine! I knew I was in the right place! and Aomori-san was nice enough to answer so many of my questions! When I get back to America I plan to order a triple Weber carb and manifold setup for my 240Z Must be 3 carbs on an L engine!! lol He has shared so much knowledge with me! and he showed me his race car here too! Garage Hitachi is also associated with a racing team and driver…. This is Sobu-san… do you race this car? yes I do! and you also do Super Endurance racing too? yes I do… what is the name of your team? Team Not and we are based out of Kyushu. How long have you been racing for? I’ve been racing for a total of about 10 years…. and when did you start racing classic cars like this? I started last year… I’ve ran at Tsukuba and Fuji Speedway with it so far… isn’t racing a classic car like this fun? its so much fun!! I like the smells that come with an old car like this…. the gas and oils…. I think passion for cars includes things like smells and sounds too…. Of course new cars like Ferrari Challenge cars are amazing modern race cars but… but if you don’t understand a car like this one, its hard to appreciate how special a modern race car is….. I agree… That’s why I always tell young people to learn about old cars first…. then you can learn about and really appreciate the advancements made in more modern cars….. try taking an old engine apart sometime by yourself! try taking an old carburetor apart sometime…. there is information and videos out there to help you nowadays to learn those things…. and if you fail or just cant do it yourself…. you contact a pro like Aomori-san Garage Hitachi to help you! I am honored to have met you! Thank you!


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  • 親分3215

    Thank youスティーブ

  • スティーブ的視点 Steve's POV

    I can't believe I just bought my dream truck!!!! Cant wait to get this back home to the states!!!

  • vinniecorleone62

    Wow, a lovely gift of Art of your car, so nice Steve! I love that 510 truck, absolutely kool as Hell man, a fantastic vlog, loved it brother!

  • hiichan

    昔々、仕事で乗ってました^ – ^

  • OiChan NY / おいちゃんNY

    サニトラいいね〜 アメリカだと結構貴重ですよ。今友達も作ってる。そいつもSteveだ(笑)

  • 阿部洋子

    イェーイ\(^_^)/ ❣️

  • usedguitarstring

    Steve, I’ve learned of you and your channel from DDE and I’m pleased I did. I love this content! I love the subtitles and how engrossed you are with the Japanese community.

    Thank you!

  • 庄二郎

    購入きて車に貼ります。(。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧

  • Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R.

    Love that truck! Have you seen the Jay Leno’s Garage episode with the custom Sunny Truck Steve?
    Cheers thanks for the content brother 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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  • Maki T


  • Phil Rodrigues

    Wow my uncle had a 1970s datson truck use to love riding in the back as a small kid. But it didn't look like that

  • 呉粲植

    Oh My God! ついでに旧型車の運転もできるようになったんです?!オーマイガーでしょ、ほんまw

  • Manish Toor

    I was so excited to watch steve video that i watched half the video without subtitles. then i was like where's the subtitle. (forgot to turn them on)

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  • syokuroda1979ks

    ( ̄ー ̄)b

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  • Exotic & Vegan Recipes

    Congrats for the hakosuka gtr pick up 😎👏🏼, I think now the 240z is gonna get fine. A friend had one painted azure blue with all the gauges digital custom made it is a gorgeous piece and still alive, let’s see how this one end is in good hands after all!

  • 金さん銀さん

    good job (* 'ᵕ' )イイヨッ!

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  • henntai1962

    3代目 510型系(1967年 – 1972年)スーパースポーツセダン SSS トラック? 後半は日産サニーGX クーペ 4代目 B310型系(1977年 – 1983年)

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  • The Paint Slayer

    What a awesome truck!!!! It has my favorite number on the side too!!! Steve your just a all around awesome person.. Your personality is contagious.. It be a honor to meet you some day!! 👍👍

  • 5150 myochan


  • Adam Feldman

    Nice video, you have a lot of solid💪contacts worldwide especially from here to Japan‼️✅Are you really buying that truck? If so that would be very🆒👍and pretty epic. The other thing, on a negative is there was like 4 commercials inserted into this video,, which is more than the average and I’m not sure why🤔🤷‍♂️??

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  • onkouth

    Steve, you’re an absolute legend buddy, your enthusiasm for Japan’s culture, it’s cars and the people is truly infectious, I love this Chanel 👍 🇮🇪

  • kmasstwin4395

    BUT I B A R A K I !

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